Great Demon King

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Chapter 957 - Taking a Risk

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GDK 957: Taking a Risk

Dhaka had never expected that something like that would happen right after they stepped into the thick fog. After calling out a few times loudly without receiving a response, he knew that something odd had happened to Dagmar and Asser. They wouldn’t just vanish like that.

He gave it some thought; the three of them weren’t even that far apart. Their sudden disappearance caused Dhaka to be on even higher alert.

He had intended to find the other two before proceeding any deeper, but before he could sweep the area with his consciousness to locate them, he noticed that he had been wrapped by a thick layer of seemingly benign smoke. It was as if he had fallen into a quagmire, constantly sinking and about to be submerged at any moment. His limbs felt thousands of times heavier than before. It took him more than ten times the force to even raise his arm.

As the smoke enveloped him, it entered his body through his pores. Not only did he feel much heavier, he also started to numb. The smoke definitely contained some form of toxin.

Even so, it was not able to do any proper harm to him. Dhaka smirked as he caused the energy of destruction in his body to erupt from his body, annihilating the toxin that had entered it and forming a barrier over his body at the same time.

All of a sudden, the weight of the smoke was suddenly lifted, giving him back control over his body.

Being one of the twelve Hegemons of the overgod realm, Dhaka was famous for his combat strength. The edict of destruction had always been one that focused on powerful attacks, and Dhaka was willing to do anything to constantly get stronger. A minor setback like this wouldn’t be able to overcome him.

After breaking from the toxic smoke, he made a sweep with his soul in an attempt to locate Dagmar and Asser. However, his mastery over this was still inferior to Dagmar’s. He felt his soul sense being restricted from spreading too far by a weird body of air. He couldn’t even span the hundred meters in his immediate surroundings, let alone find Dagmar and Asser across the whole of Pandemonium.

Thankfully Bryan’s not in Pandemonium. Otherwise, he would’ve taken the chance to sneak attack one of us already, he thought as he slowly marched towards the depths of Pandemonium.


Meanwhile near the center of Pandemonium…

“Dhaka really is impressive. He was barely affected by the fog. I guess my master was right. The outer defenses might work against normal gods, but not those at the overgod realm,” Gilbert said. Seeing Dhaka shake off the effects of the fog from the magical mirror and break through a few barriers within Pandemonium, he felt rather impressed.

“Every expert that reaches the overgod realm are terrifying beings. Dhaka, Dagmar and Asser, being Hegemons of the godhunters, are people who have emerged to stand atop a mountain of corpses. We can’t afford to underestimate people like that!” Bollands said with a serious look. After a moment, he looked to Han Hao and said, “With him barging in so forcefully, I worry that most of the formations won’t be able to stop him. Do you think we should lead him to this spot instead?” He pointed at an area that looked like a small hill.

The Five Elite Zombies, seeing Bollands point at the spot, seemed a little taken aback. However, they didn’t speak a word and only turned to Han Hao.

As the leader of the Fringe-dwelling godhunters, Han Hao was well trusted by Stratholme, Phoebe and the others of the House of Han, despite not spending much time with them.

Han Hao looked at the spot with a contemplative gaze. After a moment of thought, he said, “Alright. I’ll make a trip there myself to lead him there.”

Han Jin, surprised, said, “Big Brother, let someone else do it. Over there is where the most terrifying formation of Pandemonium is deployed. Father had warned us that the formation doesn’t differentiate friend from foe. Anyone that enters the area will be attacked indiscriminately, and the formation won’t ever stop working as long as there is a sign of life in it and the energy within Pandemonium hasn’t been used up!”

“It’s fine,” he said. He didn’t say anything else before turning to leave.

“Wait!” Though Scarlett didn’t really seem too worried at first, she felt something was off after listening to Bollands and Han Jin.

Han Hao turned to her and said, “I will be fine!” He left right after without delay.

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Just as he left, through the magical mirror, everyone noticed Dhaka activating his divine energy to the fullest, forming Orbs of Destruction to be sent all over the place indiscriminately. Some of the formations were more or less ruined by the chaotic bombardment while others could barely operate at full capacity.

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