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Chapter 939 - Not a half-assed overgod

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GDK 939: Not a half-assed overgod

*** Over at the center of the Fringe, the Omphalos.

Tyre, Logue, Ossora, and Wasir were having a meeting at Tyre’s Sovereign Shop about the Godhunter Alliance’s impending invasion. As time went by, the four Sovereigns managed to collect more intel about their enemies’ movement. They had verified sources that all Twelve Hegemons of the Godhunter Alliance had arrived outside their border.

The great war could erupt at any moment soon. The four Sovereigns had completed their preparations. They did their best subduing as many Fringedwellers under their command as possible. All the usually aggressive Fringedwellers were now suddenly monks and ceased slaughtering each other. Stringers had been especially active, constantly scouting and collecting intel.

“Ossora, of the four of us, you are the closest to Bryan. Do you know why he is still not attending the meeting?” asked Tyre whose face was rather dark. He had sent messengers to the Pandemonium, inviting Han Shuo to join their meetings. However, Stratholme would always decline the invitations on Han Shuo’s behalf, giving the excuse that Han Shuo was in secluded meditation. And now, Han Shuo continued to decline attending the meeting when they received intel that the Godhunter Alliance was right outside the Fringe. To Tyre, this was inexcusable.

Ossora shook his head and replied, “I too have sent people over. They’ve received the same answer as yours. It seems that Bryan is at a critical juncture of his cultivation. Well, in any case, we have agreed on our responsibilities and strategy long ago. I think he would have made the necessary preparations.”

“I sure hope so!” Tyre groaned and disdainfully remarked, “If his side was to crumble like a biscuit, those godhunters could march straight into the Omphalos and attack us from our backs. None of us could afford the slightest negligence. Right, Ossora, please remind him again that the godhunters could attack anytime now and that he better be ready.”

“Sure.” Given the circumstances, Ossora agreed to Tyre’s request right away instead of bickering.

“I hope he can handle the pressure. He’s been real domineering during recent times. He ought to have something to back that kind of attitude,” remarked Logue in his malicious, cunning smile.

“Hey, you! Stop right there! You are not allowed to enter!” a cry suddenly sounded from outside the Sovereign Shop.

Tyre’s face suddenly turned dark and he seemed displeased. The Sovereign Shop was under his name and many in the Omphalos knew that he and the other Sovereigns were gathered there. The four mightiest existences in the Fringe were gathered in that room. Who would be so reckless as to trespass on the shop and interrupt their meeting?

Pow! A muffled thud sounded outside the Sovereign Shop before it returned to the usual silence.

“Hehe, Tyre, it seems that someone is taking a piss on your turf. Interesting, interesting!” teased Logue with a mischievous smirk.

Wasir and Ossora, meanwhile, were flabbergasted. They had no idea who the intruder was and they couldn’t understand how someone could be so bold or foolish to trespass on the area where four Sovereigns had gathered.

“No matter who it is, it has just sent itself to death!” Tyre suddenly turned from angered to amused. Instead of going outside to check on the situation, he sat in his seat and waited for the intruder to come to him.

Although Tyre did not step outside the chamber, using his mighty divine soul, he sensed that the intruder was a cultivator of the death energy and was only at the mid-stage highgod realm. Although an expert of this class was not abundantly found in the Fringe and quite powerful, Tyre, perhaps the strongest of the Sovereigns, could not feel less threatened by that kind of strength.

Yet, Tyre found it very strange that an expert of that class would dare intrude his territory. Besides, the henchman he had stationed outside the shop was a late-stage highgod expert who should be capable of stopping the intruder.

While Tyre was thinking about the peculiar situation, he was suddenly jolted. He discovered that fissures abruptly developed on the boundary he deployed, allowing a figure to enter the meeting room.

The intruder swept his gaze across the four Sovereigns before fixing it on Logue. He unenthusiastically asked, “Are you Logue?”

Logue was startled. When his gaze met that of the intruder, he suddenly felt that the divine energy in his body was behaving rather strangely. They turned rather disordered and got out of his control.

Logue was overwhelmed with shock by the abnormality. He immediately nodded and answered, “Yes, I’m Logue.”

The intruder nodded before staring intensely at Logue. His powerful soul energy enveloped Logue in an instant. Logue’s pupil disappeared and only the whites of his eyes could be seen. He seemed to have been frozen.

“Who are you? What did you do to Logue?” shouted Tyre as he stood up angrily. He was glaring at the intruder and ready to strike at any moment.

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Wasir and Ossora got up from their seats and flanked the intruder from his left and right. They assumed hostile stances towards the person in preparation for attacking him.

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