Gourmet of Another World

Li Hongtian

Chapter 1833 - Come Out Now, Army of Soul Demons!

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Chapter 1833: Come Out Now, Army of Soul Demons!

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The Primitive Universe was preparing for battle. The starry sky was crowded with immortals and deities whose faces were grave. They could not help it. After all, it was the moment of life and death.

On the walls of Hangu Pass, countless Heavenly Guards had assembled with weapons in their hands. Wisps of immortal energy rose and gathered into a large purple cloud over them.

They were immortals, but at this moment, they were warriors guarding their homes. The Soul Demons were invaders, and Soul God was the evilest predator. They would use their blood to bathe the walls and their bodies to stop the Soul Demons. They had to kill these invaders and protect everything they needed to protect with an iron will.

They were immortals, but they were also human beings with emotions and fears. But they knew that they could not turn back. Behind them were the boundless Primitive Sphere and millions of mortals. If they retreated, it would be a great calamity and slaughter.

Clad in a Daoist robe, Tongtian stood at the forefront on the wall, looking with a sharp gaze at the distant starry sky where black smoke was swirling. Around him, sword intent surged in the forms of tiny swords, each strong enough to cut through a planet.

He was a fearsome expert, but he did not have the slightest confidence in defeating Soul God, even though the latter was at his weakest moment when he had just broken the seal after being suppressed for a thousand years. But he had to try at least once, for the only way to have a chance was to try.

Yuanshi Tianzun, Lady Nuwa, the Buddha, and the other top experts of the Primitive Universe had also shown up. They were all perfect Chaotic Saints. However, they were not the only ones who arrived.

Lord Dog showed up in the starry sky, strutting his elegant cat-like steps. His eyes were indifferent, while the Law of Time swirled and flickered around him. Er Ha held a spicy strip between his lips and wore golden armor, looking as high-spirited as the Nether King in the past.

Shrimpy and Foxy looked ordinary, but no one dared to underestimate them. After all, the modern-day Heavengods of the Chaotic Universe were all top experts, and Heavengod Time was a perfect Chaotic Saint.

Duchess Yunlan, Duchess Nightmare, and Duchess Tianlian had come as well. Their auras were powerful, and the auras spat by their cursed snakes were terrifying.

The world seemed to have turned dark at this moment. The arrival of so many almighty experts had brought confidence to the experts of the Primitive Universe. They thought that they might have a chance to weather through this calamity.

But some thought differently. Soul God was an Ancestral God, and they could not muster any courage to fight him. What could they do when even the Great Path of the Primitive Universe could do nothing to him?

In the Primitive Universe, the Great Path was the most supreme and the strongest existence. After all, it was the manifestation of the will of an Ancestral God.

As Lord Dog walked with his cat-like steps, he fixed his eyes at the spinning black ball, frowning.

“Soul God… is so strong,” Er Ha sucked in a breath. Just the feeling alone had already made his aura tremble and the spicy strip between his lips shiver.

“Bu Fang boy… died trying to seal this guy,” Lord Dog said. His tone was flat, but anyone could hear the deep anger in it.

Shrimpy and Foxy hovered at their side.

“Bu Fang young man is truly incredible. I can’t even hold my spicy strip still before this old guy, yet he could suppress him for one thousand years. Tsk, tsk…” Er Ha said as he brandished the Scepter of Life.

“In fact, this is the same guy who crushed the Chaos Space with a slap. It’s time to settle the old and new scores together,” Lord Dog said.

As soon as his voice echoed out, the void behind them ripped open. Many experts of the Chaotic Universe stepped out and hovered in midair, facing Soul God.

The armies of Void City, the Chaotic Universe, and the Primitive Universe appeared at the same time, surrounding the huge black ball from three sides. A murderous aura towered into the starry sky as if to scatter the river of stars. It made the blood of countless experts boil.

“Let’s fight!” Tongtian said faintly. He was holding the Qingping Sword, while the four immortal swords wheeled in the air over his head.

At that, the immortals and deities on the walls of Hangu Pass roared, their voices deafening.


“Fight! Fight!”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The thunderous roar echoed throughout heaven and earth, shattering the void. Suddenly, cracks began to slowly appear on the black ball. With every clicking sound, a new line emerged and spread across its surface.

A crimson eyeball turned and came to the front of the black ball, bursting with monstrous killing intent. The clicking sound continued to ring, and the lines on it grew wider and wider, making it look like a shattered pearl. A surging aura spewed out of those cracks, sweeping in all directions of the starry sky.

Everyone was physically and mentally shocked. They watched with their pupils narrowed as Tongtian took a step forward and came before the black ball, which was as huge as a planet now. Hovering before it, he looked like a speck of dust.

Finally, a thunderous click echoed out, and the ball burst apart, exploding into countless pieces that flew across the void like glass shards. At the same time, the flow of time seemed to become much slower. Everything was moving slowly.

Some of the shards shot toward Tongtian as if to cut him into a thousand pieces, and a terrifying aura came blowing at his face. His eyes grew wide with rage. As he stood in the starry sky, his hair and his robe fluttered in the wind. That gave him a heroic air.

He roared and slashed out the Qingping Sword. A mighty sword intent exploded out of his body, turned into thousands of tiny swords, and flew across the starry sky, colliding with those shards. There was an explosion, followed by a wall of fire.

Tongtian sped forward, while his four immortal swords formed a fearsome array and flew straight at the figure looming in the black ball.

Tap… Tap… Tap…

Suddenly, everything became very quiet, and the only sound was the faint sound of footsteps that seemed to come out of the corridor of time. It echoed through the world and rang in everyone’s mind. The auras of many immortals and deities tensed up and were fluctuating with the footsteps.

Even their heartbeats were affected. The footsteps grew faster and faster as if someone was walking at first, then trotting, running, and sprinting. The increase in the pace caused the immortals’ hearts to beat faster until, finally, many of them could no longer stand it.

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These immortals’ faces turned red as they opened their mouths and coughed up blood, which was mixed with tiny pieces of broken hearts.

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