Good Morning, Mister Dragon

Han Jiangxue, 韩降雪

Chapter 318 - She’s Starting to Care About Me

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Chapter 318: She’s Starting to Care About Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Long Sijue returned after the call ended. He sat down and carefully scrutinized Su Qianxun’s small face that was beaten as well her ear that was bleeding just now. He turned around and looked at Zi Fan. “How’s her injuries?”

“I’m fine, when will my younger brother…”

“Shut up!” Long Sijue could not take it anymore and chided the young woman. Shocked, Su Qianxun decided to stay quiet at the moment, but she was truly worried.

“Her ear should be all right. Just be careful and keep water out of the ear for the time being to prevent inflammation. It will heal fully in a few days.” Zi Fan said.

“You can leave now.” The expression on Long Sijue’s face was absolutely not pleasant.

After Zi Fan left, Su Qianxun decided to ask again. “Young master, how is my younger brother now?”

“You came here, recklessly rushed in and got slapped by Long Aotian just so that I will save your younger brother, right? If this is the case, you don’t have to put yourself through so much trouble. You could have just given me a call!” Long Sijue said furiously.

Su Qianxun shook her head when she saw the anger that was written on his handsome face, “It’s not.”

“It’s not?”

“I… When I rushed in, I wasn’t thinking about my younger brother…”

The young woman said meekly. There was truly nothing in her mind at that moment, and her reaction was purely instinctual.

Long Sijue’s heart skipped a beat when he heard what the little thing had just said. As he looked at the young woman’s small and pale face, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips to his.

Su Qianxun widened her eyes abruptly and looked at him nervously. Almost out of instinct, the young woman tried to push him away.

But Long Sijue was so emotional that he hugged her tighter, and both of them fell onto the couch.

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“Young master… Don’t… Not now…” The young woman was shocked at how passionate he was being, and she was still thinking about her younger brother.


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