Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Xiao Xiao Mutong, 小小牧童

Chapter 561 - I don’t want to go home

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Chapter 561: I don’t want to go home

Meng Nan nodded his head: “Isn’t she here? Where did she go?”

Village Chief Li smiled: “It seems that you don’t know it yet, Zhi’er and Sue have opened two shops in the town. Their business is booming. They go out early and come back late. Today, Zhao Lan and Hu Changlin also go to help. They brought the children with them, so no one is at home.”

Meng Nan asked: “When will they come back?”

Village Chief Li looked at the sky and said: “They will come back soon. If the children didn’t go with them, they will come back a bit later. But as long as the children are with them, they come back a bit earlier, which is about time.”

While speaking, Village Chief Li saw a black thing in the distance moving towards them. Isn’t that Bai Zhi’s carriage?

“Here they come, they’re back.” Village Chief Li pointed his finger to the carriage.

Zhou Xiaofeng was driving the carriage, so he immediately saw a large group of people around the gate of their yard. He slowed down and turned his head toward inside the carriage: “A lot of people surrounding our door. I don’t know what happened.”

Bai Zhi was originally sleepy in the carriage. When she heard those words, she immediately sobered up and let Zhou Xiaofeng stop the carriage. She got out and took a glance. Goodness gracious, this was not a lot of people, but a large group of people.

Some of them were the villagers, some were dressed in black clothes and look like thugs.

At this time, a familiar figure entered her eyes, it was Jin Shiwei. Jin Shiwei waved at her and squeezed himself out of the crowd, then rushed to their carriage: “Zhi’er, you’re back.”

Bai Zhi jumped down and asked: “Why are you here?”

Jin Shiwei excitedly replied: “It’s not only me who came, Gongzi also came.”

Bai Zhi suddenly asked: “Is it for Xian’er?”

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Jin Shiwei smiled: “Yes and no.”


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