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Chapter 1863 - Terrifying Feng Wu (3)

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Chapter 1863: Terrifying Feng Wu (3)

“Not bad.” When the white fairy took Feng Wu back to the hidden dungeon, her eyes lit up. “They’ve already reached the eighth trial.”

Feng Wu raised an eyebrow. “Does that mean that they’ll be here soon?”

The white fairy seemed intrigued. “Yes. There are only nine trials in total. To be honest, I’m quite interested in this Ranmil now.”

Feng Wu frowned a little and stared at the white fairy.

The white fairy raised an eyebrow. “Each trial is more difficult than the previous one. Even if Red March gave her notes, to pass all those trials in such a short period of time is very demanding on one’s spiritual energy and intelligence.

“But she was able to lead all those people to the eighth trial in a few hours. You’ve got to admire her for that.” The white fairy glanced at Feng Wu. “She was able to befriend that silly boy Feng Xun and have Master Jue help her; that’s her talent.”

Feng Wu wasn’t convinced.

The white fairy then gave Feng Wu a stern, sharp glance.

She then stared at Feng Wu and asked, “Do you know what the most important thing is about cultivation?”

This was the first time that she had ever looked so serious.

Feng Wu said, “Working hard!”

“Wrong!” The white fairy stared at Feng Wu coldly. “Try again!”

Feng Wu pursed her lips. She now knew what the right answer was.

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The white fairy scolded Feng Wu relentlessly. “The most important thing about cultivation is to fortify your mind, but you weren’t convinced just then. No, it’s worse than that. You were jealous!”

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