God of Fishing

Pig That Can Howl Like A Wolf, 会狼叫的猪

Chapter 481 - Who Can Stop Me?

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Chapter 481 Who Can Stop Me?

There was a rule in the Steps into the Sea that no killing was allowed.

This rule was nothing more than to prevent the strong from bullying the weak to monopolized resources. However, this was only an unwritten rule. After all, no special person was sent to execute this rule here. Therefore, when a certain person aroused public outrage by robbing thousands of people in the Steps into the Sea, this rule no longer existed.

Sun Mu’s reaction was very quick. He immediately noticed that Li Hanyi looked strange and even a bit angry. Who would make Li Hanyi angry? Of course, it was Han Fei.

Therefore, when Sun Mu saw the figure disappearing from the crowd, he was sure it was Han Fei. If Han Fei didn’t run, but instead stood there pretending to be a passerby, he would not have found him. But the point was that he found Han Fei’s back very familiar.

“Get out of the way, step aside…”

“Han Fei, stop!”

“Attention, Han Fei has already left the Steps into the Sea.”

Han Fei was completely speechless. Damn, I just glanced at you in the crowd, and you found me so quickly? His current perception range was very far, so he knew that Li Hanyi had not betrayed him. The only reason was that Sun Mu was too shrewd!

However, not only Han Fei could perceive by mind, so even though Han Fei was leaving quickly, he was still targeted by a group of people!

No flying on the sea platform, no fighting on the sea platform… But these rules were all bullsh*t now. If you were strong enough, you could do anything you wanted.

The disciples from the seven sects all stood up and seeing Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan chasing Han Fei out, someone immediately shouted, “Brothers and sisters, let’s join hands to kill him! Fan Datong is a disgrace to this world. Let’s wipe him out.”

These people had a large range of perception, but Han Fei had a larger one. The crowd began to riot, and Han Fei even saw someone take out a weapon and someone directly begin to fuse with their spiritual beast.


In the crowd, someone pointed at Han Fei. “It’s him. It’s him. It’s him.”

Han Fei had already started running and chanted, “Oh, oh, Little Nezha, Little Nezha, I’m little Nezha…”

Then he suddenly jumped and flew into the sky.


A pair of golden-red wings suddenly unfolded. Swish!

Han Fei waved his wings and began to fly. At the moment he just flew out, he was directly drowned in the effects of various combat skills. “F*ck…”

Han Fei swallowed. Are there so many people trying to hit me? Did I offend so many people?

Almost at the same time, Sun Mu and the others jumped into the sky too. In an instant, the sky was covered by numerous fishing boats.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The fishing boats, like serial rocket launchers, broke through the sky in the blink of an eye, leaving white marks in the sky while chasing after Han Fei.

Han Fei had taken out the second Wind God Boat. Compared with the one he gave to Xia Xiaochan, the speed of this one was nearly 500 kilometers faster per hour.

After all, when refining the first Wind God Boat, Han Fei didn’t have so many materials.

As soon as he used the Wind God Boat, Han Fei directly turned into a red ray of light in the sky. However, not long after Han Fei ran out, he found another fishing boat with extremely fast speed chasing from the side. “Huh! A Ghost Speed Divine Boat? Where did this come from?”

Han Fei had snatched Sun Mu and the others’ Sea Swallowing Seashells, but there weren’t any Ghost Speed Divine Boats in them. From what he knew of Cao Qiu who hated Sun Mu and the others so much, it was not likely for him to give them a Ghost Speed Divine Boat.

However, even Ghost Speed Divine Boats were incomparable to the Wind God Boat in speed.

Although the Wind God Boat was 15,000 kilometers faster than a Ghost Speed Divine Boat a day, just as a car with 120 horsepower and another with 100 horsepower, Han Fei couldn’t get rid of the opponent completely at first.

When Han Fei took a closer look, he found it was a young boy that he didn’t even know, and he was bald.

Han Fei was particularly afraid of seeing bald heads because whenever he saw them, he would remember the days when he was bald and how hard he was laughed at by Xia Xiaochan and the others.

Han Fei said to that bald boy, “Hey! Who are you? Do I know you? Why are you chasing me?”

The bald grinned. “The Thousand Star City, Chen Family, Chen Aochen.”

Han Fei was speechless. “Have I ever offended you?”

The bald grinned from ear to ear. “I heard you are very strong, so I want to have a fight with you.”

Han Fei cursed, “Are you f*cking sick? Can’t you see me running away? I can fight you next time… But not now.”

Han Fei didn’t bother to talk to him. He had heard of the name Chen Aochen a long time ago. It was said that among the younger generation of the children of the big clans, he and Cao Tian were both geniuses and excellent at bare-handed techniques.

Cao Qiu mentioned Chen Aochen more than once. But hadn’t this guy left earlier on? Why was he still here?

Fortunately, Han Fei’s Wind God Boat was too fast. Chen Aochen chased him for a while and found that he had been thrown off. He was confused. Didn’t Cao Qiu say that Ghost Speed Divine Boat was the fastest fishing boat in the level-three fishery? Why was there a fishing boat faster than Ghost Speed Divine Boat?

Seeing that he couldn’t catch up with Han Fei, Chen Aochen shouted, “You’re running in the wrong direction.”

However, Han Fei had already run too far to hear him.

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Han Fei muttered, “Haha! Do you think you can catch up with me? In your dreams!”

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