God of Cooking

Yangchigi Jali, 양치기자리

Chapter 559 - Unexpected Twist (27)

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Chapter 559: Unexpected Twist (27)

“It’s really hard. Seriously.”

“Let’s stop chatting here and get back to the main topic. If you think it’s not an irreversible choice, wouldn’t you feel a little less burdensome to decide?”

Min-joon nodded. In fact, he found it hard to make a decision because he felt sorry that one of them could not be the new head of Rose Island even if he knew who was better. But it was different now. Putting aside his personal feelings, he could evaluate them by focusing on their dishes alone. And he reached the conclusion on that very day.

At the competition venue.

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

South Korean correspondent Yujin Nah was stunned to look at the many reporters covering the Rose Island competition that would decide on its next leader. When she was assigned to cover the selection process of the new head of Rose Island, she wondered deep down if it was a newsworthy event at all because she thought Rose Island was just a restaurant, no matter how big it was in America. Of course, she thought so because she visited America to cover this event only several days ago. But she could not easily understand why people here were so crazy about Rose Island. To be honest, she even wondered why people were so enthusiastic about Min-joon. She also had a sense of her mission as a journalist. When she was told to cover him, she did some research about him. She surfed over the internet to google about him.

At first, she gathered information about him on various Korean websites. She took a quick look at his biography and got to know about his perfect palate, somewhat unfamiliar to her. She soon discovered that anybody involved in the cooking business thought the world of him.

She felt strange about it. When she thought about lots of chefs in Korea, he wasn’t such a well-known celebrity. At most, he was known only to those around him, or more precisely, a celebrity or an entertainer for them only, not the general public who hardly knew him.

But she was shocked to realize how little he was known in his home country Korea when he was such a celebrity chef in America. And she became more convinced that he was really a fantastic chef after checking people’s perceptions of him on American websites. His popularity in Korea was nothing, compared with his recognition and reputation in America.

Min-joon was not just a talented chef, but one of the chefs that came to ordinary Americans’ minds when they heard the word “chef.” Maybe that was why he could be one of the judges of the Grand Chef competition next season.

A cameraman at the venue, who knew about him very well because he lived in America for a long time unlike her, said, “You must know world musician star Psy or TV star Jisung. Min-joon is such a celebrity here in America right now.”

“Oh, that reminds me of an article about him before. Its title was something like, ‘Korean-American chef Cho Min-joon loves kimchi and pork.’ Anyway, these internet reporters…”

She shook her head as if she didn’t want to mingle with them. The cameraman noticed her confidence hidden in her words then smiled, thinking that she was a correspondent with a prestigious paper for her age. Obviously, she might think she was an elite. So, the cameraman thought she was cute.

Yujin Nah looked around the auditorium again where the competition took place, making a stunned expression after noticing the hundreds of chefs there. She heard that Rose Island was the best restaurant in America, but she wondered if it was the biggest one, given such a huge number of chefs.

‘So, he is now serving as a judge of this competition…’

She heard that even if they were the head chefs of Rose Island branches, some of them received Michelin Guide stars. Among them were chefs who were quite well known in their communities. In terms of cooking experience, Min-joon was only a demi chef, compared with these veteran chefs. Nonetheless, as a judge of this competition, he was supposed to evaluate their cooking and dishes and decide on the next leader of Rose Island.

At that time, Min-joon was looking at the head chefs with a heavy heart while he felt so happy to get such a load of stress off his chest. He knew who was the winner of this competition. He was supposed to announce the results. Aside from the results, he felt reluctant to announce that the new head of Rose Island would only serve for four years.

When he told June that he and Rachel made the final decision on the winner, she didn’t prod him to inform her about the results quickly. She might have taken into account his position or she might have wanted to put off knowing about the results as much as possible.

“We have decided who is the winner of this competition.”

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Finally, he opened his mouth with a dry voice. The head chefs looked at him with nervous expressions. Of course, they were not nervous because one of them could be the winner other than June or Dave. They were just curious about who would be the next leader of Rose Island after Rachel. They knew Dave and June had a different personality in all aspects, which would influence the operation of Rose Island a lot in the future.

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