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Flying Fish, 飞天鱼

Chapter 2052 - Han Xue Strikes Again

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Chapter 2052: Han Xue Strikes Again

Mosheng hovered in the air, looking at the damaged Blade of the Voracious Wolf in disbelief.

He had tried his best and performed his most powerful move in the battle. But he still lost. Zhang Ruochen had seized two Demonstone Engravings and severely injured him.

Such an outcome was undoubtedly a blow to Mosheng, as if he was pushed down from heaven into hell.

When the news spreads, he would surely become a laughingstock, while Zhang Ruochen would become famous. He had sacrificed himself for Zhang Ruochen. It felt ironic when thinking about it.

While thinking, Mosheng’s eyes were on Zhang Ruochen. How could he be reconciled to this humiliating defeat?

Of course, he could see that Zhang was over-exhausted and not much better than him, judging by his irregular breathing.

But he still feared the Zangshan Demonic Mirror that hovered above Zhang Ruochen. It was the Zangshan Demonic Mirror that caused him to lose two Demonstone Engravings.

It could be said that the biggest variable in this battle was the Zangshan Demonic Mirror. Otherwise, he would have never lost.

Besides, Mosheng was not sure if Zhang Ruochen still had other tricks up his sleeve. The outcome would be unpredictable if they continued with the battle.

With that thought in mind, Mosheng had no choice but to fight back his anger and put up an indifferent face. “You have got superb skill with lots of tricks up your sleeve, Zhang Ruochen. I lost. But I promise I will take back the Demonstone Engravings someday.”

After that, Mosheng was about to return to the Blackdemon Realm camp.

He needed to heal his injuries first. There was no hurry to attack the Sect of the Blood God for now.

“I’m afraid you won’t have that chance again.” Zhang Ruochen had a killer look in his eyes.

“What do you want, Zhang Ruochen?” Mosheng’s eyes looked frosty

“Where do you think you are? The Sect of the Blood God is not a place where you can come and go as you please,” said Zhang Ruochen with a frosty voice.

He would not let Mosheng leave just like that with such a wonderful opportunity.

Killing Mosheng would set an example for those who were thinking of targeting the Sect of the Blood God and make a point.

Anyone who wanted to target the Sect of the Blood God would have to think twice from now on.

There was a killer look in Mosheng’s eyes when he heard what Zhang Ruochen said. “You want to kill me? At first, I was thinking of letting you live for a few more days. I will kill you since you are asking for it.”

He was not afraid of Zhang Ruochen despite being injured. More so because he now had a chance to redeem himself.

Immediately, he swallowed a healing pill and performed a demonic technique. A ferocious energy emanated from him as the phantom of a hideous wolf appeared behind him.

He, Mosheng, was not a weakling, even though he had lost two Demonstone Engravings.

Zhang Ruochen remained still, but the Zangshan Demonic Mirror floating above him was moving. Hundreds of thousands of Supreme Inscriptions appeared, forming into circles of Supreme Power as he struck at Mosheng with no hesitation.


Mo Sheng’s expression changed slightly. He was surprised that Zhang Ruochen still had the strength to drive the Zangshan Demonic Mirror to such a level.

He immediately struck with the Blade of the Voracious Wolf, performing three slashing moves in quick succession.


The Supreme Power was blocked and annihilated as a wicked and overpowering blade light cut through the air and struck at Zhang Ruochen’s neck.

The neck was still the most vulnerable part of the body, even with the Armor of the Fire God’s protection.

A graceful shadow lunged out of Zhang Ruochen’s spine, grabbing the Zangshan Demonic Mirror and blocking in front of Zhang Ruochen.

Countless intertwining demonic inscriptions emerged on the surface of the Zangshan Demonic Mirror and bounced the blade light back at the moment of contact.

Sha graceful shadow was no one else but Moyin, the Saint Devourer.

“Too bad. Saint Devourer is still too weak for me. She can’t save you, Zhang Ruochen,” said Mosheng.

While speaking, Mosheng made his move by lunging at Zhang Ruochen. He did not take Moyin seriously.

She is only a Heaven’s Reach cultivator and would not pose a threat to him even if she held a Supreme Artifact.

A violent vibration shocked the void, tearing open a black crack of hundreds of yards long. Just then, a fleeting shadow lunged out from within and struck with a sword with a burst of white sword light aiming straight at Mosheng’s head.

Mo Sheng stopped in his tracks and frantically swung his blade to parry the sword light.


After a brief clash, Mosheng lunged backward as casting his eyes on the person wielding the sword.

“It’s you.” Mosheng squinted with a strange look in his eyes.

The person who tore open the dimension was none other than Han Xue.

Relying on the Void Sword’s ability to cross the void, she traveled thousands of miles in the blink of an eye to stop Mosheng.

“You are defeated by my master and are not qualified to be his opponent, Mosheng,” said Han Xue in an icy voice.

But Mosheng was not angry. “That’s the real successor of Empress of Thousand Bones. You are cocky. I might as well capture you first, and then only kill Zhang Ruochen.”

“I’m afraid you can’t.” Han Xue stood with the sword in her hand like a snow lotus, exuding a nerve-wracking cold energy.

Han Xue wielded the Void Sword and struck without saying anything further.

Mosheng seemed calm, but he was facing Han Xue squarely. She was Empress of Thousand Bones’ successor. No one knew how powerful she was.

The Blade of the Voracious Wolf swung with powerful bursts of sword Qi, forming a massive sword field that covered a radius of a hundred miles.

Let’s see what you have got. Mosheng thought to himself.


Han Xue wielded her sword and lunged into the sword field. She was unstoppable, as if a goddess of war.

The Void Sword had been revived. And right now, a huge number of Supreme Inscriptions appeared on it. The Supreme Inscription released a powerful Supreme Power, cutting open the sword field in an instant.

Han Xue was formidable and had come in front of Mosheng in the blink of an eye.

Mosheng was shocked. He parried with the Blade of the Voracious Wolf while quickly retreating.

Han Xue’s attack was ferocious and caught Mosheng off guard. She was much stronger than when she fought Crone Yinfan.

There was no doubt that Han Xue had deliberately held back in her previous battle. What she was displaying now was her actual strength.

Zhang Ruochen was surprised and also glad to see Han Xue had gotten the upper hand while Mosheng was losing ground.

Zhang Ruochen stopped thinking about it and started to perform an Empyrean Emperor Ming’s Scripture with all his strength to restore the exhausted saint Qi.

The battle was far from over. He must recover as soon as possible.

The Blackdemon Realm camp was in an uproar when they saw Mosheng and Han Xue fighting each other.

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Zhuo Gu took a step forward and clenched the Purple Gold Demonic Spear in his hand. “Wipe out the Sect of the Blood God! Take no prisoners!”

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