God Emperor

Flying Fish, 飞天鱼

Chapter 2051 - Invincible

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Chapter 2051: Invincible

The Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait was revived. It was fierce and mighty, its evil aura spreading for thousands of miles, sending all the living beings in this area shivering in fear.

And Zhang Ruochen, who was only a few hundred miles away from Mosheng, felt it the most intense, as if that terrifying viciousness wanted to rip his body apart.

“He could cause such a terrifying change in the atmosphere of heaven and earth, and dim the sun and moon by just spurring a single Demonstone Engraving. How much more terrifying it will be if he uses the thirty-six Demonstone Engravings in combination.” Zhang Ruochen thought to himself.

He now believed even more about what Blackie told him. Perhaps the joining of thirty-six Demonstone Engravings would make an invincible artifact. It was impossible to achieve such a terrifying level of power with just one technique.

With no hesitation, Zhang Ruochen called out the Zangshan Demonic Mirror with a thought. Since things had come to such a pass, he could no longer hide his strength.

An icy look flashed in Mosheng’s eyes when he saw the Zangshan Demonic Mirror. “How can a defective Supreme Artifact withstand a fully revived Demonstone Engraving?”

He had got detailed intel of Zhang Ruochen beforehand and knew that Zhang Ruochen possessed a mirror-shaped Supreme Artifact, which unfortunately was defective and its power was limited. It was comparable to the Blade of the Voracious Wolf in his hand at best.

After devouring a large amount of Power of Heaven and Earth, the voracious wolf coming out of the Demonstone Engraving became more substantial and taller, reaching a height of several thousand yards with a massively vicious aura, just like the advent of the legendary voracious wolf greed.


The voracious wolf howled and then struck at Zhang Ruochen with its sharp claw.

Zhang Ruochen looked cool, calm, and collected while performing an Empyrean Emperor Ming’s Scripture and infusing his saint Qi into the Zangshan Demonic Mirror.

A glimmer of light shot out of the Zangshan Demonic Mirror like a bolt of lightning. It avoided the sharp claw and struck at the voracious wolf’s body.

The Zangshan Demonic Mirror met the incoming claws of the voracious wolf with a thick demonic Qi forming into the phantom of a black demonic mountain.

“This is…”

Seeing the gloomy light flying towards the main body of Greedy Wolf, Ji Fan, who was held up by the Begirding Shackle, was wide-eyed upon seeing the glimmer of light shooting at the voracious wolf.

He recognized the light—it was something he took out before, a quaint tortoise shell covered with cracks, to fight Zhang Ruochen.

At that time, he was surprised by how Zhang Ruochen could withstand the bursting power of the tortoise shell so quickly. He did not know that Zhang Ruochen was using the Zangshan Demonic Mirror to suppress the tortoise shell. And now, Zhang Ruochen was using the tortoise shell to sight Mosheng instead.

Ji Fan knew very well how lethal the tortoise shell was—enough to pose a threat to an Immortal Supreme Saint.

Had he known things would be like this, no way he would have taken out the tortoise shell.


The voracious wolf’s claws hit the Zangshan Demonic Mirror, shattering the many demonic mountain phantoms. But that was all about it; it lost its strength and stopped right there.


Just then, the tortoise shell had come in front of the voracious wolf and exploded with a terrifying force of destruction.

The destructive force was so violent that it was impossible to escape from it. The substantial body of the voracious wolf was blown into pieces and turned into a strong, evil energy.

Zhang Ruochen would not miss this opportunity. He immediately spurred the Zangshan Demonic Mirror to launch an offensive.

The Zangshan Demonic Mirror recovered with hundreds of thousands of Supreme Inscriptions appearing, blooming with dark light, as if the door to the demonic world was going to open.

The Precepts and the Power of Heaven and Earth within a radius of thousands of miles gathered toward the Zangshan Demonic Mirror and formed into dark demonic mountains.

Dozens of majestic demonic mountains appeared in an instant. Each demonic mountain was as high as ten thousand feet, extremely substantial with surging Supreme Power. They all crushed toward Mosheng at the same time.


Mosheng’s face changed drastically as he felt the incoming grave threat.

It was too late to re-spur the Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait at this time. Mosheng had to place the hundred-yard black stone tablet in front of him.


The black stone tablet was extremely tough, indestructible. It withstood the impact of the black demonic mountains with no problem.

The black demonic mountains shattered at once upon impact. The aggressive power released by the black stone tablet was too much for the demonic mountains to withstand.

But the energy of the black stone tablet also rapidly drained as the black demonic mountains broke up. Mosheng had no time to replenish it.

It was mainly because the tearing of the voracious wolf by the tortoise shell’s force had caught Mosheng off guard.

Upon exhausting its energy at last, the black stone tablet turned back into a Demonstone Engraving of a few yards in size. It could no longer protect Mosheng.

There were still a dozen 10,000-yard demonic mountains, which did not break up, were still hurling toward Mosheng.

Seeing the Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait was out of Mo Sheng’s control, Zhang Ruochen made his move by casting out the Zangshan Demonic Mirror.

The Zangshan Demonic Mirror was flickering with dark light as it released a powerful suction force, keeping the Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait still in the air.

“You will not succeed!” Mosheng yelled, wanting to take back the Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait.

It was a pity that a 10,000-yard demonic mountain was crushing down on him. He could not free himself up for other things.

The Zangshan Demonic Mirror got hold of the Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait and brought it back to Zhang Ruochen. It now belonged to him.


Mosheng wielded the Blade of the Voracious Wolf and struck the 10,000-yard mountain with all his strength.

“Damn it!”

He could not control his anger when he saw the Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait fall into Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

Instead of seizing the Demonic Unmarked Portrait from Zhang Ruochen, it was Zhang Ruochen who took the Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait from him, which was the most poignant humiliation.

He could no longer care to deal with dimensional suppression. Instead, he infused his demonic Qi into the Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait.

He had to go all out and must not let Zhang Ruochen continue having a field day.

Two viscous yin and yang Qi rushed out of the Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait. They intertwined with each other, mutually reinforcing and counteracting with each other and evolving with infinite mystery.

Mosheng made a hand gesture with the help of this ying and yang energy, and formed a Mystical Yin-yang Light quickly.

The Mystical Yin-yang Light was originally comprehended from the Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait. When spurred by the Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait, its power could increase multifold, comparable to a true higher-order saint technique.

Zhang Ruochen’s heart skipped a beat. He immediately gathered the nearly 20-million Precepts that he cultivated and infused them into the Zangshan Demonic Mirror.

As the Zangshan Demonic Mirror vibrated slightly, a dark demonic mountain only a hundred yards high flew out of the mirror.

Unlike the earlier demonic mountains, this one was absolutely substantial and covered with esoteric patterns. The dimension shook, and a pitch-dark slit tore open right from the moment the demonic mountain appeared.


The Mystical Yin-yang Light hit the 100-yard demonic mountain and blew it away with a bang.

But the 100-yard demonic mountain was undamaged. Instead. It crocheted a massive net with mysterious patterns to envelop the Mystical Yin-yang Light.

Immediately afterwards, a bright demonic light burst out of the Zangshan Demonic Mirror and shone on the 100-yard demonic mountain.

The mountain shook, releasing a massive amount of energy, and broke up the Mystical Yin-yang Light.

“How can a defective Supreme Artifact be so powerful?”

Mo Sheng was shocked, his eyes fixated on the Zangshan Demonic Mirror.

Why did Zhang Ruochen want to hide his strength previously if the Zangshan Demonic Mirror had been this powerful all along?

“I will never lose in this battle, no matter how many tricks Zhang Ruochen has up his sleeve.”

There was a determined look in his eyes as a ruthless thought came to mind.

He set his mind to it and sank his teeth into his tongue. Blood spurted out of his mouth in an instant.

Mosheng had been using a secret method to carry out sacrifices since getting the Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait, which had long been working like a charm and would not reject him.

The Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait absorbed his blood in an instant. It then released two dazzling beams of black and white light. They intertwined with each other and formed into a rotating Yin-Yang Tai Chi pattern that greedily absorbed the Power of Heaven and Earth.

There were changes in the celestial phenomenon within tens of thousands of miles. The yin and yang were in a mess, seemingly returning to chaos.

Zhang Ruochen looked grave upon seeing the vision. He felt a grave threat from the yin and yang Tai Chi pattern.

“Don’t let me down, Zangshan Demonic Mirror.” He used his saint will to communicate with the implement spirit of the Zangshan Demonic Mirror.

The Zangshan Demonic Mirror had just become whole and still lacked a tacit understanding with him. He was not sure if he could make the implement spirit cooperate with him fully. All he could do was to give it a try.

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The demonic stone as the core of the Zangshan Demonic Mirror vibrated and released strange energy waves that spread throughout the Zangshan Demonic Mirror.

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