God Emperor

Flying Fish, 飞天鱼

Chapter 1215 - Arrived at Taiyin Ancient City

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Chapter 1215: Arrived at Taiyin Ancient City

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The blood-red spear was as thick as a bowl. And then, traces of erosive power spread, robbing him of his life essence.


After a breath, the veins and apertures on Nie Lin’s body turned black, and his skin quickly bulged like a balloon.

He was too injured to run away.

Nie Lin wanted to make his lower abdomen explode to meet his death together with the Death Knight.

The Death Knight looked very indifferent. He twisted his arm, piercing through the lower abdomen of Nie Lin with his blood-red spear, and then, he swung the spear, sticking it to the ground with Nie Lin’s body.

One of the ten palace rulers of Blood God Sect, a saint at Xuanhuang Realm, was killed.

The Death Knight stood on the back of the dragon, wearing Ten Saints Blood Armor. There were horrifying forces coming out of his body. Killing a saint at Xuanhuang Realm was like killing a pet for him.

As for the vice rulers of Kun Heavenly Palace, Yao Han and Mu Changfeng, were both horrified.

The two vice rulers immediately performed escape techniques, rushing toward two different directions. Their extreme speed made cracking sounds in the air, leaving two traces of fire.

“Light of Death.”

The Death Knight pulled out the blood-red spear and hit it on the ground.


A blood-red halo showed up, covering an area of a hundred square miles.

He looked down, and a circular blood river showed up on the ground, giving off weird light.

Yao Han and Mu Changfeng didn’t manage to get away. They hit the halo at the same time, which knocked them away.

The Death Knight grabbed the shoulders of Yao Han. His iron arms had invincible power, completely suppressing her and taking away all her saint power.

Yao Han was terrified. He was an upper-class saint, and he had never been through a danger like this.

At the next moment, Yao Han felt a sting on his neck, and arteries had been broken.

The armor on the Death Knight’s face had disappeared. He showed his ferocious face and clenched the neck of Yao Han with his sharp teeth, drinking his saint blood.

“No! I’ll take you down with me!”

Yao Han kept struggling, triggering the saint Qi in his lower abdomen, trying to explode.

The Death Knight stared at Yao Han coldly. He yelled, opened his mouth wide and broke Yao Han’s neck. And then, he ate his head and half of his body.

The scene was bloody and tragic. Yao Sheng had goosebumps everywhere, and he wanted to run away as fast as possible, yet after witnessing the power of the Death Knight, he didn’t dare run.

At the other end, Mu Changfeng was extremely scared and knew that he couldn’t run away. He then ran toward the Death Knight and ignited his lower abdomen.

The Death Knight noticed the danger. He threw the other half of Yao Han’s body away, picking up a long spear and throwing it toward Mu Changfeng’s waist.


Mu Changfeng bounced back tens of miles away before his saint body exploded, releasing destructive power.

The destructive power from the explosion of an upper-class saint was inconceivable.

Hong Long Long.

The ground within hundreds of square miles was burnt, and all the mountains collapsed while all the lakes were dried. Even the area within a thousand miles was affected.

Yao Sheng was staying at the edge. When Mu Changsheng ignited himself, he immediately rushed underground and saved his life.

He climbed out of the ground and looked at the scorched earth and said, “That Mu Changfeng was impressive. He became this strong after hundreds of years of refinement, yet he ignited his lower abdomen and saint source without any hesitation.”

Yao Sheng pondered whether he would do the same if he was also in a hopeless situation.

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‘Ending lives together’ was no easy task.

It was very difficult to survive and refine for hundreds of years, and nobody was willing to kill themself.

Yao Sheng climbed up and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, he felt a cold force coming from behind him. He trembled and stopped, looking back.

Da Da.

The Death Knight walked out of the fire, wearing Ten Saints Blood Armor and holding a spear as if he were Death walking out of hell.

The destructive power from the explosion of Mu Changfeng was horrifying. However, the Death Knight hadn’t stood at the center. Instead, he was ten miles away.

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Besides, the Death Knight was wearing Ten Saints Blood Armor, which saved his life.


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