God and Devil World

Zi Chan Bao Zeng, 资产暴增

Chapter 97: Ice King Association

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Chapter 97: Ice King Association

“Brother, why didn’t you directly give the compressed biscuit to her?” Lu Wen asked Yue Zhong curiously. She saw that although Yue Zhong didn’t take notice of the high school girl, he still secretly gave her a compressed biscuit.

Yue Zhong said in a low voice: “If I directly gave it to her, I’m afraid it won’t remain in her hands more than a few minutes before being stolen by others.”

Chen Zhiguang said: “Lu Wen, it’s just like brother Yue says! The law and order in this place really isn’t good. Although robbery, rape, and violent crime are all sentenced to death when discovered, these kinds of thing still occur.”

Anything can happen when people are extremely hungry. Even though the crimes of rape and robbery were sentenced to death in Long Hai City, but the unsuppressable darkness in several people’s hearts break the precious idea of safety. And people still do these things secretly.

“Big Brother! Come play! One night for two food stamps.”

“Big Brother, come play a moment? One bag of instant noodles for a night.”

Not long after Yue Zhong’s group departed the high school student, several women lined themselves up neat and orderly. The famished looking women surrounded Yue Zhong’s group, selling themselves.

“Seems like Longhai City is also not a good place.” This was the first time Yue Zhong had seen the sight of women selling themselves without fear. Seeing those famished women, without a shred of dignity, made him waver about his previous decision.

In the past, Yue Zhong wanted to come to Longhai City survivor base because he hoped to see the order reinstated. A place where people aren’t lacking food and clothing. With a place like that, he could rest easy passing on the survivors over to the base, and then he could take several trusted friends to Nanning, to search for friends and family.

Chen Zhiguang, extremely capable of being flexible and taking advantage of the situation. He saw Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkle, and immediately his face dropped. He roared at the surrounding women: “Start rolling! Don’t circle up! Be careful, if you come over again I’ll make each one of you squat in jail.”

The surrounding women saw Chen Zhiguang’s government clothing, and their eyes flashed with dread. One by one they withdrew and gave up.

The position of government workers wasn’t something, these prostitutes could compare with. Offending a government worker was unwise in Z-Age.

Yue Zhong looked at both his sides, and his brows slightly wrinkled. He saw the famished women neatly arrange themselves on both sides of the road. Some women were even putting on a little bit of makeup. The whole group of women selling themselves looked rough. There were actually over a hundred of them.

“What is that place?” After moving far away from Phoenix road, Yue Zhong saw several soldiers guarding on the street, blocking off the road.

Everyone’s clothes on the road looked fresh. Their faces had a red glow, and they clearly weren’t starving. Yue Zhong even saw a pretty woman wearing the latest fashion, leisurely pulling along a Pekinese dog.

The street was orderly and tidy like the world before Z-Age. Outside the street was extremely cruel. Everyone was famished, selling themselves for a piece of bread. In and out of the street, one is heaven, other is earth, like two worlds together.

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Chen Zhiguang looked at the special region a little enviously. He slowly said: “That is the special region. Only high level government personnel and high level army officials can enter that region. The supplies there are the best. People like us ordinary government workers barely have enough to eat in one day. Don’t even think about meat and vegetables. The life of the people in the special region is worryless. They don’t have a lack of meat, vegetables, or various type of goods. Even the dog in there eats better than outsiders.”


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