God and Devil World

Zi Chan Bao Zeng, 资产暴增

Chapter 106: Domestic Animal

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Chapter 106: Domestic Animal

The dark-haired child under Yue Zhong struggled after hearing the words of the eight mad survivors. But no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t shake of Yue Zhong.

As soon as she heard the insane words of the eight men, Guo Yu’s eyes flashed with fear, and she tightly grabbed onto Yue Zhong’s arm. She already knew the cruelty and madness in men’s hearts after Z-Age, especially since she had been captured in Always Bright Village. But eating people, this type of madness greatly exceeded her psychological limit. Guo Yu never thought she and Yue Zhong would run into this type of insane survivors, and her heart began to shiver with fear.

“Follow!” Yue Zhong said to Guo Yu in a low voice, after waiting until those eight insane survivors left.

Yue Zhong carried the dark-haired child, completely restricting him he said: “Calm down. We aren’t their partners.”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, the fury in the small child’s eyes settled down a little bit, and he no longer struggled.

“Right here!” The male survivor pointed at a small mountain cave and ferociously smiled.

Hearing footsteps, a small nine year old girl poked her head out of the cave and took a look. Her face suddenly changed. Like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow, she retreated back in to the cave.

The eyes of them men flashed with a color of ferociousness upon seeing the nine year old girl. Licking their lips, one strangely smiled: “It’s a girl! This time we can have a little pleasure!”

The eight men rushed into the mountain cave. They grabbed the young girl and two other small boys, and brought them out.

The three children sat shivering on the ground. One of the male survivor’s eyes flashed with a maddening light and said: “Three fat little sheep. There’s also a girl. This time we can have a little fun!”

Yue Zhong quietly looked at the eight men. The small child at his side flashed with dread, ready at any moment to rush towards the three children.

But the young child couldn’t budge under the pressure of Yue Zhong.

The dark-haired child stared, eyes filling with rage at Yue Zhong. Yet Yue Zhong didn’t have any movement.

The survivor who had the stature of a leader with a ruthless look said in a commanding voice: “We are leaving! There will be trouble if the dark-haired sheep returns.

The remaining survivors nodded. They detained the three crying children and took them in the direction of Stone Horse Village.

Yue Zhong quietly snuck behind the eight survivors, following them along the way.

The eight men arrived at a tent on the outskirts of Stone Horse Village. There was a large pot set up outside the tent. Some bones were also discarded next to the tent. The absolutely horrifying thing is that among those bones were three human skulls.

A survivor looked at the small girl, and his eyes flashed with a lewd light. He took off his pants in front of everyone: “Fuck! Big brother! Hurry up! let everyone first have a little fun!”

“Good!” The leading ruthless survivor’s eyes flashed with lewdness. His hand extended towards the young girl to grab her.

Looking at the ferocious survivor, the little girl’s eyes flashed with dread and hopelessness, and she struggled to retreat away.

The ruthless looking survivor creepily smiled. The struggling of the little girl gave him even more pleasure. He extended a hand and grabbed onto the little girl’s shoulder.

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As soon as the man’s hand touched the girls shoulder, a gunshot sounded off. A bullet easily passed through that man’s skull.


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