Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

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Chapter 1249 - Higher Domain Mystical Ability

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Chapter 1249: Higher Domain Mystical Ability

After Jiang Yi got the Mystic Divine Palace out, he set it up on the city plaza outside the castle. The essence force here was ten times more intense than it was outside. In addition to the Mystic Divine Palace’s thousand-time speed, and the transformation that his body underwent because of the Destitute Dragon Grass, Jiang Yi was improving a hundred thousand times faster!

Exactly how fast was that?

Just training for one year under such conditions would equivalent to ordinary martial artists training for a hundred thousand years. This was the most out-of-this-world experience. Even the Battle Thearch’s disciples would not be able to compare to him. Training in the Mystic Thearch Castle improved one’s training speed by ten times. In addition to the thousand-time secret cultivation rooms they had, the best the disciples of the Battle Thearch could do was train in an environment ten-thousand-times more effective. Jiang Yi was doing ten times better than them.

In order to train his essence force until he reached the seventh star sphere, he would ordinarily have to train for a couple of years. However, since he entered the Death God Mystic Realm, he would probably only take several months. Since he had already been training for some time in the Mystic Divine Palace, he only had to give it his all for two or three months in order to be transformed once more.

The seventh star sphere’s change would not improve his skills by that much, but the Divinity Slayer’s power would definitely be stronger. Even his speed and other aspects would improve slightly too. After entering the Mystic Divine Palace, Jiang Yi did not look for Yi Chan. Although the Buddha Thearch and Buddha Emperor told him to, he felt like he would be letting Yi Chan down if he made love to her before they got married. He only did that with Yin Ruobing because he had no choice back then.

Jiang Yi wanted to train as hard as he could first and see if he would be able to break through on his own. If he was confident of making it through the Void Ancient Path, he would go out and work with the rest of the group to kill Xing Mo and the North Thearch. Then, he would throw a huge wedding celebration for Yin Ruobing, Yi Chan, and Su Ruoxue. Only after that would he consummate his marriage with them.

Jiang Yi searched the castle and found that Jiang Xiaonu was still recuperating, Xiao Fei was still sleeping, and Yin Ruobing and Yi Chan were still in seclusion. He decided not to disturb them. Instead, he went to his own room to seclude himself and train.

The Mystic Divine Palace’s restrictions lit up. It began to gather the heaven and earth essence force. The essence force here was thick so the Mystic Divine Palace could replenish its own energy as well. Jiang Yi retrieved the black-gold divine artifact shield and played around with it for a while. That was when he realized there were two small words carved into the shield: Thousand Thearch!

“Thousand Thearch Shield?”

Jiang Yi frowned. If this person could be crowned as a thearch, he must be someone important. However, there was no one known as the Thousand Thearch in the Stellarsky Domain. The Heaven Nether Sect’s Patriarch also had never heard of such a person before. At that moment, Jiang Yi felt confused about who this person was exactly

“Forget it, let me train first!”

Jiang Yi channeled his essence force into the shield and refined it for an hour. Yet, there was no sign of it transforming. This divine artifact shield was impossible to refine!

Jiang Yi opened both his eyes and pondered deeply for some time. Then, he slapped his own head and said, “Xing Mo’s body was destroyed, but his soul spirit was not. This divine artifact shield has his soul spirit mark on it. How can I refine it?”

He quickly teleported out to look for the Buddha Thearch and company in the hopes that they would have a solution. Without the divine artifact shield, his chances of making it through the Void Ancient Path were significantly lower. The Buddha Thearch and the rest did not think about this at first, but after Jiang Yi updated them on his progress, they began to discuss this. At last, they raised their hands in defeat and said, “There’s no way. If one’s soul spirit remains alive, the spiritual imprint would never disappear. Maybe if this was other people’s spiritual imprint, it would be easier for us to come up with a way to get rid of it. However, Xing Mo’s spirit is too strong…”

“What a pity!”

Jiang Yi sighed helplessly. He turned around and prepared to walk off, but at that moment, the Xuan Thearch spoke up from inside the room. “Let me take a look at it. I might have a way to destroy his spiritual imprint.”


Everyone’s eyes brightened. Jiang Yi briskly walked into the Xuan Thearch’s room and handed the black-gold shield to the Xuan Thearch. The Night Empress and Yin Thearch’s eyes were burning hot. This was a divine artifact after all. Still, they would not be alive if not for Jiang Yi. Thus, they only felt some envy. Jiang Yi was the one who destroyed Xing Mo’s physical body. Of course, if the Saint Emperor did not want this divine artifact, it would go to him.

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Jiang Yi had no intention of giving the divine artifact up either. If he gave up such a valuable weapon, he would really be stupid. It would be understandable for him to give out divine artifacts if he had a whole bunch of them, but he only had three of them now. Everyone was selfish inside. That was human nature. Jiang Yi was no saint.

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