From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 395 - Mysterious Expert (2)

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Chapter 395: Mysterious Expert (2)

Each member of the team was one of the best in the industry.

The dedication and commitment of each and every one of them made his final product possible.

Master Liang appreciated talented individuals. However, he was not a complete businessman. He cared about the product itself more than just purely making money.

This was one of the reasons why he was so respected in the industry.

One by one, he introduced his team members.

Finally, Master Liang said to the crowd: “In fact, apart from the technical difficulties, our company also encountered an additional problem this time. We had to solve a material issue…”

“This time, our product is to be placed into the human body to be used for medical life support. Due to this reason, the material used must be compatible with human blood. It must meet biocompatibility requirements and at the same time, satisfy all the various characteristics required for our product…”

Master Liang used a lot of words to describe the challenges that had been faced. He let everyone know that the development process was incredibly difficult. At the same time, he set the stage for what was to follow.

Quite a few people knew that Master Liang was about to introduce the high-tech talent that he had hired for this project.

“And thus, I’d like to introduce the biology expert who has solved this problem for our team —— Mr. Jian Yunmo.”

Upon hearing this, the crowd applauded with anticipation.

Most of the Jian family was shocked.

“Huh? What is this? The expert is Yunmo?” Jian Shuhong exclaimed. He looked at his brother and sister-in-law with astonishment.

“I don’t really know about this either…” Jian Shuxing replied. Jian Shuxing and Wen Nuan had never heard of Jian Yunmo’s involvement in the development of Master Liang’s new project before.

However, they hadn’t ever gotten the opportunity to hear about it either. Their second son had stayed at the Old Jian Residence ever since he came back from abroad.

He was angry that the rest of the family hadn’t taken good care of Jian Yiling. Due to this reason, he didn’t want to talk to them much.

The members of the Jian family turned their heads to look at Jian Yiling.

However, Jian Yiling still had the same expression on her face. There was not a single trace of surprise and astonishment on her face.

At first, He Yan was shocked. After the shock faded away, she suddenly felt angry.

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Why was it Jian Yunmo? Why did it have to be Jian Yunmo?

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