From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 299 - Find a Master for Brother Yujie (3)

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Chapter 299: Find a Master for Brother Yujie (3)

“If it hurts, I know that it’s not a dream.”

“You’re not dreaming. I know that it’s not a dream. There’s no need for me to pinch you,” Jian Yiling told Jian Yujie with certainty.

Inside the private room, Ms. Qian and Su Xu looked at the two children in front of them with surprise.

Weren’t they meeting ‘Mr. Fu’?

Why were there two high school students here?

Ms. Qian asked the two of them with a kind and soft voice: “By any chance, did the two of you enter the wrong compartment?”

Jian Yiling shook her head and said: “Nope, the person who you contacted was me.”

Ms. Qian looked at Jian Yiling with surprise before she said: “Who is Mr. Fu to you?”

“There’s no Mr. Fu. It’s just me,” Jian Yiling stated.

This answer was surprising. However, it was not impossible. On the Internet, it was not possible for Ms. Qian to know what kind of person the orchid seller was.

At that moment, Jian Yujie gradually came back to his senses. Through bits of the conversation he had heard between Ms. Qian and Jian Yiling, he vaguely understood some of the information.

Jian Yujie turned around to ask Jian Yiling: “Yiling, what’s happening?”

“They were interested in an orchid. I’m bringing the orchid to them,” Jian Yiling replied.

Jian Yiling’s reply to his question was rather confusing. Jian Yujie didn’t know what to make of her answer.

Orchid? Since when did his sister start giving orchids to people?

And how could it be such a coincidence that when they delivered the orchid, they would meet Madam Su Xu?

When Jian Yiling finished speaking, there was a knock on the door. Then, a man entered the compartment. The man was holding a tightly wrapped box in his hands.

“Miss Yiling, this is what you wanted. I brought it to you.”

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“Place it on the floor and then open it up,” Jian Yiling instructed the man.

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