From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 298 - Find a Master for Brother Yujie (2)

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Chapter 298: Find a Master for Brother Yujie (2)

Ms. Qian was willing to pay millions of dollars for this orchid.

A referral to a magician on the other hand, in theory, costs nothing.

A referral didn’t mean much. It didn’t mean that you could become their student. To put it bluntly, it was the opportunity cost of a few million dollars for the chance to meet the magician.

When people auctioned to have lunch with an individual talented in trading, the auction at least guaranteed a meal with that individual.

However, there was no guarantee that was attached to this exchange.

[Having money doesn’t necessarily help me with meeting a world-class magician.]

What Jian Yiling needed was a connection.

Someone who could help her with the introductions and referrals.

Although the chances of meeting someone who would fit the bill were slim, Jian Yiling didn’t mind this. She wasn’t in a hurry to exchange the orchid anyway.

She had also been using other avenues to find a suitable magician to become the master of Jian Yujie.

Ms. Qian pondered about it for quite some time before she replied: [In that case, Mr. Fu, please wait for a while. Give me some time. I will contact someone to help me with your request. Please don’t exchange the orchid with someone else.]

[The orchid will be given to whoever satisfies the condition first.]

Jian Yiling didn’t promise to reserve the orchid for Ms. Qian.

Ms. Qian was rather disappointed to see such a reply. However, there was nothing that she could do about it. The orchid wasn’t hers. The other party could do whatever they wanted with it.

[Okay, I’ll go contact people right now.]

Ms. Qian’s father was the chairman of an entertainment company. This meant that Ms. Qian had decent resources and connections in the entertainment industry.

Although the magic industry was not part of the entertainment industry, there were still some interactions.

Ms. Qian contacted her father. To her surprise, he had a way to contact one of the top magicians in the country.

After quickly confirming that the magician was willing to do them a favor, Ms. Qian quickly contacted the orchid seller with the news.

[Mr. Fu, I’ve managed to contact a magician for you. It’s Madam Su Xu. Do you think that she’s suitable?]

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Jian Yiling already knew of this person. When she had initially started to search for suitable magicians, she had researched all of the top magicians in the country. She had gathered information about this person.

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