From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 297 - Find a Master for Brother Yujie (1)

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Chapter 297: Find a Master for Brother Yujie (1)

Jian Yiling replied: [I have the same opinion as Brother Yujie.]

Upon hearing this, Jian Yujie was even more pleased with himself than Yu Xi had previously been: [See, my sister isn’t happy with the name either! It’s two against two! It’s a tie.]

Yu Xi typed: [Well, you think of a new team name then. If the name you think of is better than mine, I’ll agree to change it.]

And thus, Jian Yujie began to ponder about it.

However, Zhai Yunsheng impatiently urged: [Don’t waste time, the tournament has already started. Let’s just play the game first.]

The online tournament was only held during a specified time frame. If you missed the time frame, you couldn’t play in the tournament anymore.

And thus, Jian Yujie had to compromise for the time being. The four of them entered the game.

After a few games, [Domination] was ranked first in their matches.

After two hours, the first part of the tournament came to an end.

[Domination] was eighth place in the overall standings.

Most of the names of other teams that were ranked at the top were all in English. Those teams were most likely from other regions.

And thus, the name [Domination] stood out quite a bit.

Thinking about a name change had been temporarily put on hold.

After the games, Jian Yiling logged off to take care of some other business. After dealing with some daily tasks, she opened her to-do-list.

This was the list that she had made for herself when she had entered this world.

Two items at the top of the list had already been crossed off. Operate on Jian Yunnao’s hand and find evidence to prove her evidence.

The next few tasks that were on the list were: Fulfil the original Jian Yiling’s wishes. Prevent the tragedy that happened in the original novel. Prevent Grandma Jian’s death as narrated in the original novel.

And then, she had to also make money.

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There were three more years. Three more years until she turned eighteen. After she turned eighteen, she would move out of the house. This was her original plan.

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