Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow, 卧牛真人

Chapter 2596 - The Sun Shooting Plan!

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Chapter 2596: The Sun Shooting Plan!

While talking, Lei Chenghu displayed dozens of holograms, which were the battle pictures captured by dozens of crystal suits and crystal tanks from different perspectives.

It could be seen that Li Yao was flying freely in the midst of fire like a cockroach that had grown wings on the picture. Very soon, he found a gap and unleashed thousands of rays. The Colossus “Arsonist” arrived magnificently!

In the next moment, all the holograms shook hard, and the picture was disrupted by the waves released by the Arsonist.

Very soon, smoke and fire covered all the cameras, and the whole garage fell into chaos. As it turned out, the Arsonist had blown a hole in the airtight door of the garage. All the materials inside were absorbed into the vacuum, including most of the crystal suits and the crystal tanks.

The three Colossi, on the other hand, were rather restrained in the battle because they were fighting on “Iron Torrent”, the Astounding Thunder Fleet’s flagship.

Li Yao took the opportunity to flee. Turning into a glittering ray of light, he ran into space.

“Not only was the combat ability of this ‘Vulture Li Yao’ astonishingly high, but he was also using a very advanced Colossus. It was more advanced than any Colossus in the Astounding Thunder Fleet.”

Lei Chenghu gnashed his teeth. “I deployed seven Colossi and thousands of crystal suits and armed shuttles to surround him. However, the space was too vast and it was too unexpected. We were unable to block a Divinity Transformation Stage expert equipped with a state-of-the-art Colossus. Please forgive us, Your Majesty!”

“That was not your fault.”

Wuying Qi said leniently, “This Li Yao is like an unbeatable and uncatchable cockroach. He is unbelievably shameless and cunning. Even I failed to catch him on the capital planet when I employed abundant troops. It is understandable that the scoundrel escaped from Marquis Liaohai’s hands when you were in a fierce battle against Yun Xuefeng and Song Yushi’s fleets.

“Thankfully, just like a cockroach, the man is upsetting but cannot affect the big picture. Marquis Liaohai, if such trivia are all that you want to say, you could’ve reported it to me via boats. There was no need for you to use the precious ‘Heaven’-level communication line to ask for my forgiveness.

“I’m afraid that you misunderstood, Your Majesty. While it was regretful that Li Yao ran loose, asking for forgiveness is not my main purpose.”

Emotionlessly and solemnly, Lei Chenghu went on, “In order to convince me, Li Yao told me a lot of things in his space shuttle, including plenty of slanders about Your Majesty…”

Amused, Lei Chenghu interrupted him, “Marquis Liaohai, You did not buy into his words, did you? Think about the destruction of ‘Manjusaka, the City in the Sky’ or the so-called ‘arrival of the Black Wind King’. Li Yao is best known for his mouthfuls of lies and his psychological tricks. Even dead people may come to life again under his persuasion.

“It is in fact very easy to deal with such silver tongues. As long as you turn a deaf ear to him and do not believe anything he says, there will be nothing he can do.

“Marquis Liaohai, you have been the most loyal and determined Immortal Cultivator for two hundred years. You are not changing your beliefs just because of a few words spoken by a Cultivator, are you?”

“That’s absolutely right, Your Majesty. Naturally, I would never believe this Vulture Li Yao’s bulls*it.”

Lei Chenghu said, “However, something he said was indeed what had been worrying me. Even though I attacked him decisively at that time, the concerns have been haunting me and corrupting my beliefs since he escaped. I was almost mentally deranged.

“As Your Majesty knows, I am burning my soul to the maximum every second for the battle of Seven Seas. My body and my brain are already seriously exhausted and may collapse easily in the first place. If I’m mentally deranged at this moment, the outcome of the battle of Seven Seas may be unpredictable.

“Therefore, I boldly asked Your Majesty to activate the most precious secret line, hoping that Your Majesty could answer the questions for me and stabilize my mind to ensure the victory of the battle of Seven Seas!”


Wuying Qi squinted. Gloomily, he opened his mouth slowly and asked, “What are your concerns, Marquis Liaohai?”

“It’s Your Majesty’s plan of victory in the capital.”

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Lei Chenghu went on, “Li Yao claimed that Your Majesty had dug a gigantic trap in the capital and prepared an enormous scheme that would affect the future of the Imperium and even mankind.

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