Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow, 卧牛真人

Chapter 1697 - Summon, Arrive!

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Chapter 1697: Summon, Arrive!

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From the moment Heiye Ming made the decision, the Black Wind Fleet, which was being unfolded unhurriedly in the most resource-saving way previously, accelerated the pace of the preparation for war.

The space jump itself was a repeated process of being torn apart and regrouped. It would deal a certain amount of damage to the starships. After a hundred years, the starships that had performed countless short-distance space jumps would be like a sheet of foil that had been contorted and restored over and over again. Even if nothing seemed wrong on the surface, tiny fractures were in fact everywhere inside them.

In the past few years, the Black Wind Fleet had been repairing the ‘fractures’ while it was anchored near the brown dwarf. But right now, in order to accelerate the progress of maintenance, they adopted a more radical approach. They simply declared some seriously damaged starships to be total-losses before they dismantled the fuel, plate armor, ammunitions, and magical equipment units on those starships that were still usable and installed them on other starship.

In such a way, they would get a renewed, aggressive fleet in the shortest time possible. The starships were like a series of black diamonds that floated in the orbit of the brown dwarf.

Such an attempt would greatly reduce their zone of activity and the potential of their development, but did it really matter?

Very soon, they would have everything!

Black Swirl, the flagship of the Black Wind Fleet, seemed like a mountain of crystals almost a hundred kilometers long that was made of tens of thousands of translucent black crystals. Elegance and brutality were perfectly melded on the starship. It was completely ‘awakened’, too, and had finished the highest preparation for war.


Deep inside Black Swirl, the honeycomb-like hibernation cabins, illuminated by the cold brightness, appeared to be silent graves. The covers of the hibernation cabins were lifted one after another. Roars resembling ferocious beasts were echoing from the thick, dirty nutrition liquids.

The last batch of hungry, thirsty experts who had slept for decades woke up from their nightmares and were about to bring everything in their nightmares to the entire world.

Countless slave soldiers, who were ordinary people but also armed with strengthening drugs, artificial bodies, and intrusive armor, crawled up and down like agile ants, helping the Immortal Cultivators get up from the hibernation cabins and reach the common area. They also wiped and massaged the warriors who had just woken up and offered drugs and other Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures to make them recover from the hibernation state sooner.


The Immortal Cultivators who had hibernated for decades absorbed the recovery drugs that contained immense spiritual energy into their internal organs through intravenous injection and other ways. As they activated their arts in silence, their slightly withered bodies expanded again. The thick veins and nerves seemed to have turned from earthworms into boas and from boas into dragons that seemed to be breaking their magnificent bodies of flesh and blood and soaring into the sky!

Sensing the explosive strength running in their blood, the Immortal Cultivators roared, venting the lust for destruction that had been restrained for decades.


Right then, an Immortal Cultivator who had just recovered suddenly lost control of his spiritual energy. After a casual punch, an ordinary slave soldier who was massaging him was blown away.

The ordinary person, or to quote the Immortal Cultivators, the ‘hominoid soldier’, flew a hundred meters away and smashed into the cabin wall. After cracking explosions, he collapsed like a pile of mud, with blood flowing out all over his body. He was obviously dead.

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After a hibernation of decades, the recovery speeds of the soul, brain, nerves, and flesh were often different. It was not rare for one to lose control over their spiritual energy because of the discoordination of the body and the brain. The Immortal Cultivator did not intentionally kill the guy for pleasure.

The Immortal Cultivators were not perverts who had fun murdering. They were quite reasonable. For the experts of the Black Wind Fleet, the hominoid soldiers were like the most loyal, obedient, and helpful military dogs. Would a distinguished warrior kill a military dog just for fun?

Therefore, the Black Wind warrior, who had just accidentally killed a ‘military dog’, put on a regretful expression after a slight daze. He said in a low voice, “How can he be so weak? Blown up after only one punch? He’s too incautious!”

Waving his hand, he called another hominoid soldier. “Check the number of that guy and see if he has any family. Transfer 20,000 credit points from my account to them. Consider it compensation. Right. If he happens to have an adult family member, they will be allowed to join the next ‘Iron Blood Trial’. It’s a chance to upgrade his bloodline. Just say that I recommended him!”

Such a remedy was not very generous, but it was not harsh, either. It was basically how things were done there. Regardless of whether they treated the hominoids as military dogs or military assets, they certainly had to pay for them after they damaged the goods.

The body of the hominoid was soon dragged away. Even the blood stain was cleaned up in the blink of an eye.

From the beginning to the end, not a single Immortal Cultivator or a hominoid soldier ever slightly raised their head to show any concern for the tiny accident.

It was because they were all dwelling in excitement. All their brain cells were occupied by the same thing.

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A war was coming!


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