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Chapter 707 - Everyone Is Here!

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Chapter 707: Everyone Is Here!

The guests were here!

Lin Jing hurriedly walked out, but the moment she walked out of the hall, she paused, looking hesitant.

In the end, Lin Jing seemed to have made up her mind and walked out.

She’d be damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. So then, she would just accept whatever happened openly!

Seeing that Lin Jing seemed to be on a battlefield, Fang Yi could not help but raise her eyebrows and curl her lips as she followed behind her.

She wanted to see what Xue Xi’s parents were like!

Fang Yi had asked around about Xue Xi and knew that her parents were from a small place in Bin City. Her father, in particular, was a businessman. Such a person would definitely be obsequious.

As they thought this, the two of them saw a black Audi slowly stop in the courtyard. The door opened and Xue Xi walked out from the backseat.

Fang Yi continued to look past the car door and saw an elegant lady walking out.

The moment she came out, Ye Li looked at Lin Jing and smiled. “Why did you come out personally? I’ll just bring Xixi in.”

As far as Ye Li was concerned, she and Lin Jing had been best friends for months.

The two of them chatted almost every day. She already felt very comfortable about coming to her best friend’s house as a guest. She’d intended to bring her daughter and husband to her best friend’s house as guests and go straight to the living room. There was no need for the host to go out.

However, Fang Yi heard things differently.

She curled her lips.


This was the consequence of being incompatible.

The man’s mother personally welcomed them out, but the woman’s mother felt flattered.


She then looked at Lin Jing and saw that her expression was a little strange. There seemed to be doubt and hesitation on her face as she said, “It’s your first time here. How can I not come to welcome you?”

As she said this, Ye Li took a step forward and held Lin Jing’s hand familiarly.

The two of them had seen each other a few times in the past few months. Every time, they would do things hand in hand, so at this moment, they were also intimately holding hands.

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Feeling the warmth of Ye Li’s palm and seeing the kind smile on her face, Lin Jing felt even more guilty.

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