Extraordinary Genius


Chapter 1192 - Making Soros the scapegoat again

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Chapter 1192 – Making Soros the scapegoat again

Feng Yu’s worries had come true. His company had shorted the US stock markets the most, and after this incident, he made the most profits.

But Feng Yu is Chinese and not an American. He is also influential, and Bush’s administration sent officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate.

“Mr. Feng, this is a routine investigation. I hope you can understand.” Tony Thomas bow slightly.

Feng Yu crossed his legs and leans back on the sofa. “Of course. Just ask whatever you want. Oh, I hope you all can remove all your recording devices.”

Feng Yu’s office is equipped with bugs and recording devices detector. Although it is not state of the art, it can detect most of the recording devices.

The other party smiled and removed his watch before passing to Feng Yu’s bodyguard. He had already been searched once before entering the office.

“Mr. Feng, we are curious why did you short the Nasdaq stock index in large volume this time?”

“What do you mean?” Feng Yu asked unhappily.

“Mr. Feng, the stock market crashed, and even Warren Buffet had suffered massive losses. But your company made…”

Feng Yu interrupted. “Are you saying I must also suffer losses when others lost money? Then why do we need trading brokers? Everyone can just follow the trend and invest. Are you really from the SEC? Are you an imposter?”

The veins on Thomas’s forehead nearly burst. I am an imposter? Your bodyguards had searched me thoroughly and almost checked all my cavities before I can enter your office. We had also made multiple calls before this meeting. How can you not know about my identity?

But Thomas knows he had asked the wrong question. Warren Buffet is known as the God of investing, but Feng Yu is also known as Investment Genius.

During the Asian Financial Crisis, Feng Yu had made the most money, and his net worth shot up to the second spot of the <Forbes> World’s Richest Man.

If Feng Yu had made money from other incidents, the SEC would not be suspicious. But this incident is too sensitive.

“Mr. Feng, I hope you don’t mind. It’s fine if you shorted the market in a small amount. But the amount you shorted is too much.”

“Too much? Didn’t you all notice that I had also hedged against it? Don’t you know that I had sold my Microsoft, Yahoo, and many other companies’ shares two years ago? Are you telling me that I should keep all my money in the bank for interest? Do you know about finance? Do you know what inflation is?”

Smith almost shouted. I might not be a top financial expert, but I am not inferior to most brokers. How can I not know about inflation?!

Fine. The person opposite me is Feng Yu. I will tolerate this as long as he answers our questions!

“You all asked me why I had not invested in other areas, right? Why should I explain my investment directions to you all? My company is not listed and does not need to announce all our decisions. Do you all know what confidentiality of investment information is?” Feng Yu said before Thomas can continue with the questioning.

Smith replied with an angry expression. “We know about all these. But this time is different, and your investment is too special.”

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Feng Yu lit a cigar but did not offer Smith. He blew out a mouthful of smoke. “Are you sure you had not offended your supervisors, and they had purposely made things difficult for you? Have you all investigated this thoroughly? Someone else had made more money than me from this incident.”

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