Extraordinary Genius


Chapter 1099 - The forums must be regulated

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Chapter 1099 – The forums must be regulated

Weekends. Feng Yu logged into his Legend of Mir’s account. He noticed Zhou Kexin is not online and asked his two substitute players. Zhou Kexin does log in once in a while but had never replied to their messages.

Feng Yu sighed. Seems like he must think of other ways to get close to her.

Feng Yu was bored and went to look at Sohu’s forums. He wants to see how the online forums look like now.

It is currently easy to register an account and does not require emails, mobile numbers, names, etc. Feng Yu entered some numbers and registered an account successfully.

Feng Yu made a mental note to tell Zhang Chaoyang that he can advertise on the account registration page. For example, during registration, the user must enter an email account. A verification code will be sent to the email, and this will be promoting the NetEase mailbox. This way, NetEase will have to pay Sohu advertising fees.

Also, the user must provide their contact information. Mobile phones are still not common yet, but the user can apply for a QQ account. Registering QQ is very easy, and Sohu can earn some advertising fees from Tencent. Why didn’t Zhang Chaoyang think of such simple ways to make money?

There are many areas for these companies to cooperate. Why are they not using their brains?!

Feng Yu sighed as he browsed through the forums.

Culture, History, Military, Entertainment, Sports, Finance, Cars, Women, Relationships, Stories…

Huh? There are too many sub-forums. If there are two to three moderators for each forum, they will need to hire many people. But this is also a good thing, as there is something of interest for all sorts of people.

Experts will appear in forums!

Feng Yu entered the forum on cars. The first post is talking about Songjiang’s latest model of Oriental Deer. The review of this model is very good, and Feng Yu nodded satisfyingly.

The second post is about Songjiang’s sports car that is launched this year. S1. But only a few owners are discussing this car in the thread. Their reviews of this car are mostly positive and praise it for the beautiful exterior and easy maintenance. The rest of this thread’s posts envy those few owners, as this car cost over 1 million RMB!

The ones who can afford this car are all tycoons!

The third thread is also talking about Songjiang’s cars. Di Hao. This is Songjiang’s latest high-end model of customized cars. It cost from 1 million to 3 million RMB, and it must be pre-booked before production. Someone mentioned that they had seen a Di Hao at XX location.

The rest of the threads are about other brands of cars. But Songjiang’s cars had occupied almost a third of all the threads. Three out of the top five threads are about Songjiang cars, and the remaining two are joint ventured cars.

Li Mingde is quite smart to use these forums to advertise Songjiang’s cars.

In the sports section, most of the posts are on the upcoming Sydney Olympics. Feng Yu is not interested as he had already signed those top athletes. After they won the medals, the advertisements will be released. This year, Feng Yu had increased his advertising slots on CCTV 5 because of the Olympic games.

There is one thread that interests Feng Yu under the sports section. It is to congratulate LA Wind and Rain for winning the NBA championship. The poster claims that this is a giant step forward for the Chinese.

Feng Yu was speechless. All my main players are Americans, and even if Wang Zhizhi is in the team, he is only a reserve player.

That’s right. China’s Men Basketball team is currently undergoing training in the US, and Feng Yu arranged for them to play some friendly matches with his team.

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Feng Yu entered the History forum, and it was full of nonsense. People posted made-up stories of history and even posted the history of Goddess of Mercy! What a genius! The guy even managed to convince others to believe his made-up story!

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