Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Sunset, 洛日

Chapter 817 - But His Love for Her Is Real

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Chapter 817: But His Love for Her Is Real

Feng Qingtian destroyed his own life. Between her and death, he chose his own death.

He lost everything on Heavenly Palace Cliff, and lost the power to rule the world.

He fell from the lofty clouds to the very bottom.

How much did she hate him back then? She wanted to kill him, wanted him to lose all his power and to pull him off his godly pedestal.

However, she knew that there was no way the Heavenly Emperor could die. He was such a powerful existence; nobody could do anything to him.

However… she did it.

She successfully killed the Heavenly Emperor.

But she didn’t feel the pleasure she wanted. She didn’t taste fresh air or feel wild joy.

She finally realized that after all he had done, he had still stolen her heart.

What should she do now?

Her reason for hating him in the past was gone. They had reincarnated and had different identities.

However, her memories were still there and those wicked creatures were still around. Could she really let go of her grudge?

More importantly, Feng Qingtian had lied to her again in this life.

He would never be honest with her.

The Demon King’s plan was flawless. As long as Feng Qingtian came, it was impossible for him to prevail over the mountain rock of the Demon Realm.

This rock was even tougher than the Five Finger Mountain that had restrained Sun Wukong.

“Miss Gu, the Demon King invites you to the mountain rock.” Two guards appeared next to her and respectfully extended the invitation.

Gu Bailu knew that although the Demon King recognized her as his daughter, he wouldn’t treat her like one.

This scum Demon King had a harem and lots of daughters running about; he only called her his daughter in order to use her to deal with Feng Qingtian.

“Alright.” Gu Bailu followed them to the mountain rock.

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The rock was in fact a very small stone that was only the size of a fist. Displayed on a shelf, it was like a low-key lavish piece of black jade.

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