Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Sunset, 洛日

Chapter 1053 - I Can't Beat Her

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Chapter 1053: I Can’t Beat Her

Bu Yaolian also felt wronged. “My banknotes are with you… Can’t I look for my own money?”

“My Sky Splitting Mirror is with you. Do you still think you’re on the losing end?” Su Shenfan really wanted to bite her again.

What kind of woman was this? He hadn’t even started scolding her, and she was already feeling wronged.

The strange thing was that he still wasn’t used to seeing her look miserable

He liked seeing her aggrieved face when she was angry, but he didn’t like her miserable appearance.

“No, I just wanted to scare Shao Zun.” Bu Yaolian had been teasing him back then.

Su Shenfan slapped her butt. “I’m giving you such a big reward, and you’re asking such a small question?”

What a waste.

“What kind of old friend gave you the knot?” Bu Yaolian was curious.

Had his old friend passed away?

“If she’s still alive, she should be the same age as you. She should look the same as you.” Su Shenfan looked at Bu Yaolian’s appearance. When she was thin before, he only felt that she was beautiful and didn’t think that she was much like Dog Two.

Now that she had put on weight, she really looked like Dog Two.

Dog Two’s face should be similar to Bu Yaolian’s when she grew up.

This was also why he doted on Bu Yaolian. He always felt that when Dog Two grew up, she would be like Bu Yaolian.

He couldn’t have Dog Two anymore, so he was willing to dote on someone who looked like her.

Bu Yaolian said in surprise, “Do I look like your old friend?”

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So… she had always been a replacement?

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