Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Sounds Of Snow In The Night, Ye Yin Ru Xue, 夜音如雪

Chapter 395 - No pain no gain

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Chapter 395: No pain no gain

“Young master Mo is joking. I wonder, why is young master Mo here today?” Ye Yu Xi said with a faint smile.

Behind Ye Yu Xi, Bai Jin Yi had followed her in. He looked into Mo Tian Chou’s eyes, but there were no reaction in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes at all. It was like he was looking at a normal person.

Mo Tian Chou saw Bai Jin Yi come in and was surprised for a bit. There was even an instant where he felt this person’s aura surpassed the third prince’s!

“This, this is young master Bai?” Mo Tian Chou was stunned, but he thought of Bai Jin Yi’s name. Back in Ye Yu Xi’s little yard, Mo Tian Chou had seen Bai Jin Yi once or twice.

Only he didn’t meet Bai Jin Yi many times before, so he couldn’t immediately recognize him.

Bai Jin Yi nodded at Mo Tian Chou and sat down in a chair to the side.

“Since young miss Ye is here, I’ll be frank. I was entrusted by his highness to send something to miss Ye.”

While saying this, Mo Tian Chou stood up from his seat. There were two things that came out of his Space Ring and they were placed on the table beside Ye Yu Xi.

It was a list and a gold card.

“This list is the latest product list of our Primary Martial Auction Hall and the list of products in our auction ten days from now. As for this gold card, it has two hundred thousand gold coins in it, it is a bit of goodwill from the Primary Martial Auction Hall. As for the matter young miss Ye discussed with the third highness a few days ago, I hope young miss Ye and the friends at Feather Wing pay close attention to this. This bit of goodwill, I hope you accept this gift.”

Mo Tian Chou explained what the two items were.

Ye Yu Xi heard Mo Tian Chou’s words and looked down as her thoughts filled her mind. The third prince gave her five hundred thousand gold coins and was now giving her another two hundred thousand. It seemed like the third prince was urging her side to quickly make a move!

While Ye Yu Xi was thinking, Bai Jin Yi spoke first.

He reached out to pick up the gold guard and with a faint smile, he flicked his hand, “We’ll take this list, but this gold card. No pain, no gain, so I ask young master Mo to give this back to the third highness for us.”



The gold card flew right at Mo Tian Chou.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi in surprise. Bai Jin Yi rarely interfered in her matters, but why did he suddenly……

Mo Tian Chou’s expression changed looking at the gold card flying at him!

It wasn’t because the gold card moved fast, but rather it moved very slowly!

So slow that it seemed like an invisible hand was delivering the gold card to his face.

Mo Tian Chou looked at the gold card and didn’t dare reach out to take it. The way this gold card was “flying”…..it was a bit strange!


It was as if Bai Jin Yi expected that Mo Tian Chou wouldn’t take the card. The gold card slightly arced in the air and the force scattered as it fell onto the table beside Mo Tian Chou.

“He, he, I never thought young master Bai is this deeply hidden. This one will be leaving first.” Mo Tian Chou saw this scene and naturally knew that Bai Jin Yi wasn’t a simple person.

“It’s just a small trick, I hope young master Mo won’t look down on it.” Bai Jin Yi spoke with a trace of grace. This grace was not the nobility of royalty, but rather the aura of someone superior.

Mo Tian Chou had a “feeling”. Even if his master the third prince came, when facing Bai Jin Yi, he would lose to this person in terms of aura and grace.

There was also a flicker of light in Nangong Ying Xue’s eyes. Bai Jin Yi’s performance had exceeded her expectations a bit.

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No wonder this man could attract her big sister Yu Xi’s attention. Just the way he threw the gold card right now, it was not something any expert she knew could do!

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