Eternal Sacred King

Snow-filled Bow Saber, 雪满弓刀

Chapter 1070 - Entering the Yang Spirit!

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Chapter 1070: Entering the Yang Spirit!

Su Zimo still had many questions in his mind after that exchange.

However, at the very least, some of his doubts were resolved.

The identity of the woman beneath the ruins.

Furthermore, he finally knew who was the one who killed the cultivators, and even Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, who entered the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley to investigate for the past 10,000 years!

The methods of that Great Qian Advisor were truly terrifying.

Not only could he hide from the senses of Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost, he could even kill in silence right under their noses!

Of course, what delighted Su Zimo more was that he understood more about Die Yue.

Die Yue did not stay at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for long. However, what she did had a huge impact on the three of them!

There was no need to elaborate on her impact on Su Zimo.

If Die Yue had not stepped in, Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost might not have been able to escape from the Great Qian Advisor’s schemes!

Both of them would have been kept in the dark.

The appearance of the Great Qian Advisor made the two of them realize that they were merely chess pieces that were manipulated in the catastrophe.

Die Yue’s attack was equivalent to releasing both of them at the same time.

It was also after Die Yue killed the Great Qian Advisor that Ming Zhen could be saved by Monk Yuan Bei and brought to the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Otherwise, Ming Zhen would have been killed in silence by the Great Qian Advisor before Monk Yuan Bei even noticed his presence!

“Lad, what are your plans next?”

The red-headed ghost asked.

Su Zimo replied, “I’ll be cultivating at the bottom of the valley for a period of time.”

The red-headed ghost nodded and said, “Yes, that’s good as well. Don’t worry, I’ve severely injured that Di Clan’s Half-Martial Ancestor. It’s already good enough that he survived. There’s no way he can take revenge on you,”

Monk Yuan Bei said, “These sects and factions might not dare to lay their hands on you openly, but you have to be careful.”

“Got it,”

Su Zimo nodded.

From this day forth, he would cultivate at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley wholeheartedly. He went through the insights gained from the consecutive battles with many titular disciples, cultivated the Great Void Spirit Refinement section, chanted sutras and paid respects to Buddha as he accumulated and consolidated his experience.

At the same time, in the Dragon Bone Valley.

An entire month passed and Su Zimo woke up slowly in the cave of the primordial divine spring.

Ever since he started cultivating, he had never had such a peaceful, comfortable and relaxed sleep!

He was truly too tired.

Su Zimo opened his eyes slowly and looked at the surging golden spring water beside him. He gradually snapped out of his stupor as he sensed the boundless vitality that surrounded his body.

He finally realized where he was.

Solitary Cloud was not by his side. He must have recovered from his injuries and left first.


Su Zimo stood up and looked down at his body.

His body was completely intact!

There were no injuries at all!

The primordial divine spring was indeed powerful.

Even his body that was devoid of life could be restored to its original state!

Su Zimo could clearly sense that every single move he made could release an incomparably terrifying power!

With a single thought, he channeled his bloodline.


The sound of a tsunami came from his body!

This true body of the Dragon race was even stronger than before!

Su Zimo was slightly stunned, as though he had realized something.

In his consciousness, the injuries on the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit had already healed.

Not only that, he was shocked to discover that the Yin impurities on his Essence Spirit had vanished completely and were refined silently.

There was an additional trace of pure Yang qi on the Essence Spirit!

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The Yang Spirit!

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