Empress of Otherverse

Im Seo-lim, Im Seolim, Lim Seorim, VISCACHA, 임서림

Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: <Chapter 93>

I asked the priestess again, “I won’t… ask you again if it’s really possible to see my memories, but I want to know… After seeing my memories, will you be able to find out how I can return?”

“I can’t be sure.”


I was disappointed and angry.

If it was Lucretius or even the dowager empress, I would have shown my anger. However, I couldn’t do that now. Not in front of this woman.

She was the mysterious priestess, and on top of that, I couldn’t tell the extent of her power and abilities.

If the priestess herself said it was not possible, then I didn’t even know what to do next.

This meant that everything depended on her answer.

One thing I found odd was how checking my memories could help me return home.

If there was even a small chance, I had no problem showing her my memories. However, without any guarantees… Who would ever want to open your mind to a stranger?

I picked my words carefully. I didn’t want to make her upset and angry at me. She was my last hope after all.

“Then how would seeing my memories help you? Are you saying you can’t be sure, but it may still be possible to help me?”

She nodded. “I guess I should explain better. I realize that showing your memories to a stranger would be… unpleasant. The reason why I want to do this is that I might be able to see the exact process of how you got to our world from yours.”


“Yes. Your highness told me of a different world because you would like to go back. Am I correct?”

I nodded.

“Are you by chance aware of what the priests at the temple do? Do you know who and what Aos does?”

I tried to think of what I heard before.

“Aos represents memory, record, and history.”

“That’s right. We, those who serve Aos, travel the world and record what we see and experience. Before we die, we present our records to the temple of Aos. The priests at the temple protect and maintains these records. I am the principal individual who is responsible for all these. The extent of the records is so great that it is not humanly possible to read and know all of them, but as I said before, I have the ‘sight’ that allows me to see things others can’t. For example, I can see into people’s memories.”

“So… what have those records got to do with me?”

The priestess smiled. “If I can see your own world, I may be able to confirm if similar things have happened to others from the records. If there are, perhaps I can find out how others returned.”

I finally understood. I could see why she couldn’t give me a definite answer, but only a possibility.

I believed there still was hope for me. With all the records of everything that had happened in this world, there was a very good chance something useful might appear.

I prayed for it.

She took her eyepiece off and offered me her beautiful pale hands.

“Now, will you… give me your hands?”

I did without hesitation.

She slowly opened her eyes. In her eyes, a deep dark pool appeared.

Suddenly, everything turned black, and I lost consciousness.


Beep, beep…

A loud alarm bell rang.

The person in the bed didn’t wake up. Still wrapped in a thick blanket, the person continued to sleep.

Outside the window, darkness still remained. It was only 6 am on one November day. It was going to be a while till the sun rose. From the room, familiar noises could be heard from the kitchen. It was an important day for the girl, so her mother was preparing a special breakfast and a lunch box for her.

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The girl was so nervous last night she fell asleep around 3 in the morning. This meant she only had three hours of sleep.

The girl pushed the snooze button, but in only five minutes, the alarm started to ring again. This time it was even louder.

She had to wake up. It was time. If she didn’t, her older sister and her mother would barge in to wake her up themselves.

She was still very sleepy, but today was a very important day.

She opened her eyes wide and stood up.

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