Empress of Otherverse

Im Seo-lim, Im Seolim, Lim Seorim, VISCACHA, 임서림

Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: <Chapter 83>

The ball officially started with the emperor’s first dance.

His partner was usually his empress. If there was no empress, a substitute danced with him instead. It could be the dowager empress, a princess, or any of his wives.

As his only wife, I took his hand and walked to the dance floor.

When I took a deep breath, he asked me quietly, “You must be nervous.” His voice sounded like he was laughing at me.

There was no point in lying as it was obvious.

I nodded and replied, “Just a little.”

I tried to smile.

This felt surreal like I was in a dream. I was so nervous that I no longer was shaking. This didn’t feel real.

Lucretius must have noticed something was wrong. He kept glancing at me.

Just then, the music started. It was time to dance.

Following the rhythm, I took my first step. However, instead of doing what we practiced, Lucretius took a different step.


I lost my balance and was just about to fall.

Oh, no! This couldn’t be! I couldn’t embarrass myself at the biggest event of the year!

I felt terrified.

However, thankfully I didn’t fall.

Lucretius grabbed and pulled my body. Suddenly, I was floating in the air as he spun me around.


He took my hands and held them tight. He spun me around a few time in midair.

J, just how strong was he?

He was holding me up with his arms only. Following the music, he spun me six times before letting me down.

We were supposed to spin together six times, but he did this on purpose!

I glared at him and glanced around the room to see people’s reaction.

Fortunately, it seemed no one noticed what had happened. Lucretius followed the music well and because my dress was so long, my feet probably weren’t showing.

This dance was named the Rolka, and it boasted of complicated and dizzying steps. Foreigners like myself found it very hard to master let alone spontaneously change the steps.

Lucretius was definitely an amazing dancer. How annoying!

I gritted my teeth as I continued to dance.

I whispered to him sharply, “Let’s try to keep it safe!”

At least, I felt grounded. This situation no longer felt surreal. My body moved as I commanded.

Lucretius whispered back to me, “You’re finally back to normal.”


He must have noticed how nervous I was.

However, even then, doing something so spontaneous at such a big event was ridiculous. He was crazy!

We continued to dance in circles until the music ended.

When it did, everyone applauded.


“It was perfect!”



I panted from exhaustion. It was tiring, but I felt awake. When I looked up, he chuckled quietly.

“You are back to yourself.”

I replied to him sarcastically, “Can’t you help me in a normal way?”

“But then, it wouldn’t be fun.”


While we argued lightly, new slower music started.

“Huh? Another song already?”

It was a love song that required the dancers to get closer to each other. I didn’t like it, but at least, it required fewer movements.

Before I could react, Lucretius took a step while holding me.

I let out a small yelp in surprise, but no one heard it. The first dance was to be performed by just the emperor and his partner, but now it was dance time for everyone. This music, which was called Minote, was a very popular song among couples.

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This was the same dance we danced that night in my bedroom.

I remembered it very well. The moonlight was especially beautiful that night.

I was deep in my own thoughts when suddenly, I saw a face glaring at me.

She looked familiar. It was one of the former emperor’s wives. I remembered her because she had beautiful dark skin. She must have been from the same country as Coronel and Ludia. In fact, they were all standing together.

Her glare was terrifying. Luckily, Lucretius and I spun around, and I didn’t have to look at her anymore.

What I saw next were my own maids. They looked at me proudly and happily. I also noticed Countess Ilan and her people. Standing next to her was her oldest niece, who was Yulia’s older sister. She was talking to a man, who must have been her fiancé. She looked very happy.

I continued to see different faces. Some were dancing with their partners, while others stood and watched.

The first day of the ball finally began like this.

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