Empress of Otherverse

Im Seo-lim, Im Seolim, Lim Seorim, VISCACHA, 임서림

Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: <Chapter 60>

“Greetings to your highness, the emperor.”

“Greetings to your highness, the emperor.”

All of my maids and I bowed deeply as Lucretius entered my room.

Lucretius and his servants all looked oddly at one person.

It was Lisbeth.

I wasn’t a look of surprise or annoyance. It was an expected reaction. I planed this situation myself.

Lisbeth looked like a blooming rose. She was the most beautiful woman in this room.

Unlike her, I was not wearing any makeup and was only wearing a simple gown.

Other than Lisbeth, all the other maids and servants were also dressed simply. Lisbeth stood out with her gorgeous outfit. She looked like she was ready to attend a grand ball.

She was blushing with excitement. It was clear she could feel Lucretius’ eyes on her.

Lucretius stared at her for a few seconds before turning to me.

He said coolly, “What an odd situation.”

I smiled and took Lisbeth’s hand. I escorted her to him.

“Doesn’t this girl look beautiful tonight?”

I pushed her towards him. Lisbeth looked pleased and shy at the same time.

I smiled and studied Lucretius’s face.

He continued to look blank as he answered, “Yes.”

I could feel Lisbeth’s hand trembling excitedly. I became curious. What will he do? What will he say?

I wanted to say to Lucretius.

‘Show me what you got. Show me you meant what you said. Show me your true feelings.’

I knew I created an absurd situation, but I didn’t care. I needed to see what happens. I needed to see what he would do.

Lucretius turned back to Lisbeth again.

Sky blue eyes, golden blond hair, and luscious pink lips. Even I found her attractive.



After a long silence, Lucretius finally opened his mouth.

“I agree that she is beautiful.”


Lisbeth’s hand trembled with pleasure. Her eyes glanced at me triumphantly.


I had no time to feel anything at his comment because Lucretius approached me quickly and grabbed my waist. He hugged me and smelled my hair deeply.

“Did you use violet in your bath today?”

He had an amazing sense of smell.

I nodded and answered, “Yes. Samantha placed violet petals in my bath water.”

“Good. It smells wonderful.”

He continued to hug me and walked towards my bedroom.

He said to me, “You are too generous.”

“What do you mean?”

He was looking only at me. His green eyes narrowed as if he could see right through me.

Gosh, he already knew exactly what was happening here. He knew what I was doing.

How annoying.

“I realize all women like to look beautiful but aren’t that too much? There are times and places for dressing up, and to try to outshine your own lady you serve…”

He emphasized the next words, which were clearly directed at Lisbeth.

“Is outrageously unattractive.”

I answered innocently, “As you say.”

I turned around and my eyes locked with Lisbeth.

She was shaking with humiliation.

With that, the door to my bedroom closed.


I felt like I was walking on the clouds.


I didn’t know why, but I felt excited and happy.


As soon as he spoke, my happiness disappeared.

“How was that? Are you satisfied?”

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I replied coldly, “About what?”

He laughed quietly. To me, it sounded like an animal growling.

“What I did to that girl. I am asking if my reaction to her was enough to make you forgive me for what I did yesterday.”

So he really did know what was going on. When I glared at him, he was looking down at me as if he was waiting for me to praise him.


“You are so hard to please.”

He complained and continued to hug me as he got closer to the bed.

Huh? Not so fast!

I got away from his embrace and glared at him.

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He looked a little different today. He came to my room often, but today, he looked like he dressed up a little.


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