Empress of Otherverse

Im Seo-lim, Im Seolim, Lim Seorim, VISCACHA, 임서림

Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: <Chapter 50>

Liliana trembled violently. It was against the rules for even a royal member to physically punish another royal family member, but Katleyanira didn’t care. She always made sure that she didn’t leave any scars on visible areas.

The maids brought her a well-worn rod.

The dowager empress took a deep breath and leaned against the sofa. After the maids took Liliana’s top off, the dowager empress started hitting her daughter with the rod. The terrible sound of whipping filled the room.

Roselia, who had been watching in fear, was now starting to panic. She could barely breathe anymore, but no one helped her.

If the princess’ own nannies were there, they may have reacted more caringly, but they weren’t allowed to be present here. The dowager empress gave the rod to a maid to continue and watched in satisfaction.

Liliana looked at her mother who patted her belly lovingly. Sadly, she was used to this kind of situation.

When she was younger, Liliana used to be jealous of Roselia before she was born. Just like now, the dowager empress used to show infinite love for her unborn child because she thought it was a son. Of course, this was only until Roselia was born, and it turned out she was a girl.

Her father, the former emperor, showed no interest in his children. Her stepbrother, Lucretius, was the same as he was Katleyanira’s nemesis.

No one seemed to notice her except for her fiance, but he lost his title and was gone from her life. She had no one now.

It was the same for Roselia ever since she was born. Liliana took care of her all her life.

Liliana couldn’t hate Roselia because she was going through the same hellish life. In fact, Liliana felt sorry for her, so she tried her best to take care of Roselia and be a mother to her.

However, in days like this, she ended up failing to protect her little sister.

Liliana was fearful. She was deathly afraid of her mother. She was also concerned for the unborn child. If it was another girl…

Liliana prayed it was a prince. She didn’t care about politics; she just wanted Roselia and herself to be left alone. That was the best life she could hope for.

Liliana also knew this was the last chance for her mother Katleyanira. After the death of her father, this would be the last child for the dowager empress.

If it was a girl, she didn’t know what her mother would do. All Liliana knew was that it would be something horrible.



I kept blinking because I couldn’t believe my eyes. My older sister was standing in front of me and calling me. I said her name out loud.


“That’s right. Come quickly.”


My sister seemed confused.

“What? What’s wrong? Let’s go. Mom and dad must be waiting.”

“Mom? Dad?”

It had been so long since I said these words out loud. It felt strange.

My sister smiled and nodded.

“Yes! Let’s get going. You finished your SAT, so let’s go out to eat!”

Behind my sister, I saw the shapes of my parents forming like magic.

I stared at them silently.

I already knew then this was just a lovely dream.

My family! I loved them so much.

I stayed still in fear I may wake up.

I wanted to run to them and hug them, even though I knew this was just a dream, but I was afraid that they would disappear if I moved.

In the last year, I have dreamt similar dreams.

I tried not to cry and held on as best as I could to this beautiful dream.


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I woke up suddenly.

Ever since I arrived in this new world, I hadn’t been dreaming often. Even when I had a dream, I couldn’t remember what it was as soon as I woke up in the morning.

Last night’s dream felt so real.

It was a dream I never wanted to wake up from.

I held on to it as long as possible, but I couldn’t stop the morning from coming. When my eyes opened, I noticed that my pillow was wet.

I blinked a few times. It was a struggle not to cry.

Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t move.


A voice said to me from behind.

“Are you awake?”

I was so surprised my heart almost stopped.

I screamed, “Gyaaa!”

I flailed around like a cat getting an unwanted hug, but it was useless.


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My husband was hugging me tightly from behind.


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