Empress of Otherverse

Im Seo-lim, Im Seolim, Lim Seorim, VISCACHA, 임서림

Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: <Short stories 7.8>

Roberto des Lonensia never could stick to one thing. He had never worked on or studied anything long enough to become accomplished.

Except for music.

Of all the things he learned at the Academy, music was the only subject he was ever interested in.

Every nobleman learned basic music and art as children. At the academy where all the highest-ranking noblemen’s sons attended, a famous musician was working as the music teacher.

When he was teaching Roberto, the teacher often exclaimed, “You are a genius.”

He taught Roberto with passion and Roberto, who showed no interest in any other subject, took music very seriously.

Roberto was especially talented at composing. When he released his music under the name of Jusepe, it immediately received a lot of attention. This was when he met Amarince, and they became lovers.

He was the happiest man then. However, his contentment was quickly ruined when his mother found out about his life as a composer.

Norma became angry that her son got involved in such a common work and made him give it up. Roberto became livid. He hated himself for loving such lowly work. He was angry at himself for being helpless against his mother.

He felt furious that he couldn’t live his own life the way he wanted.

It was during this time when Roberto became addicted to womanizing. He could forget about his unhappy life when he was with women. He was especially satisfied when he successfully ruined a noblewoman.

Perhaps he was just angry at the world and needed to hurt someone to make him feel better.

However, no matter how far he traveled from Cransia, he was still in his mother’s control. Whatever trouble he caused, Norma took care of it.

No woman he destroyed had a higher rank than his own mother. This was why Norma could always fix the situation.

One day, Roberto wondered. If he ruined a woman more powerful than his mother, what will happen?

Perhaps this was why he started this royal scandal. At the time, he secretly hoped it would fail. He wanted the situation to get so bad that his mother couldn’t do anything about it.

But… what ruined the plot was this nobody. A mere singer.

She said to him confidently, “I can’t betray my audience, but I will always look out for your music.”

She was laughing at him. She was living her own life in a way she wanted, and she was mocking him.

Then that black-haired woman…. She was also laughing at him as she stood next to the emperor.

Any wife of the emperor became a royal accessory. This was how it always worked. However, Empress Sa Bina was different. She was in the emperor’s embrace, but she wasn’t his possession.

Both Amarince and the empress angered him. Everything was their fault.


Amarince was afraid. The man’s hands were chocking her neck and pulling her hair.

‘I could really die here!’

She shouldn’t have opened the door at all. She only opened it slightly, thinking it would be safe. She was wrong.

Amarince closed her eyes regretfully.


However, nothing happened. She didn’t die.

When she opened her eyes, an unexpected scene greeted her. Roberto’s handsome face was turning ugly red.

“K… k…!”

A hand was squeezing Roberto’s neck. Another person was suffocating him from behind. Roberto’s hands quickly loosened, releasing Amarince.

The man behind Roberto threw him onto the ground like garbage. Roberto screamed in pain.


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The man was wearing a large hood as he murmured sarcastically.


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