Empress of Otherverse

Im Seo-lim, Im Seolim, Lim Seorim, VISCACHA, 임서림

Chapter 161 - Short stories 5.1: The man behind the mask>

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Chapter 161: <Short stories 5.1: The man behind the mask>

Two weeks before the announcement of the masquerade ball, Bina received an unexpected gift from Lucretius.

It was a carefully wrapped black box. When she opened it, Bina was surprised.

“A mask?”

Inside it was an extravagant mask decorated with feathers, precious stones, and pearls. It had an asymmetrical and unique design.

Underneath the mask was a thick script. Bina read the title slowly.

“A masquerade?”

Bina suddenly realized after reading for a few more minutes.

“This is a script?!”

Underneath the title was the list of people involved.

“Oh my god! Composer Christian Boceti and the writer Dilma Parent together!”

Bina’s shoulders trembled in excitement. It made sense; Boceti and Parent were Bina’s favorite artists. She had watched a few of their shows when she went on dates with Lucretius outside the castle.

Dilma Parent was a famous writer for theaters and rarely participated in operetta. This was actually the first time ever for Bina’s favorite composer and writer to work together.

Bina became excited. “H, how did you get this?! Hmm? This must be the newest piece that will be released this fall season, right? Which theater will it be performed? I HAVE to go see it!”

Lucretius replied calmly, “Our house.”

Bina gaped. “… What?”

“I said it will be performed at our house.”

“What are you talking about?!”

Lucretius pointed at the small print at the bottom of the cover page.

“To be showcased at the first day of the royal ball.”

Bina gasped in shock as Lucretius continued, “Everything has been set. The female lead will be that singer you like. Her name was… Ama… something, right? That woman who performed at the castle recently.”

“Amarince? Amarince Toul?”

“Oh, right. Her.”

Bina almost dropped the script after getting awestruck when she heard of this new development.

“W, what is all this?!”

Lucretius smiled gently. “It’s my gift to you for our wedding anniversary this year.”

After the last operetta performed at the castle, Lucretius had been thinking hard for the perfect gift for Bina as their anniversary was coming up soon. He wanted something different and special. He personally wanted to go on a date with Bina inside the castle without everyone noticing. He thought that wearing masks among all the masked people was a perfect plan.

Lucretius wanted to give a present Bina could never forget, and it seemed to be working. She already looked beyond excited.

This plan had cost them a fortune and the treasury had been complaining openly about it. Lucretius managed to calm them down only by assuring them that he would use the fund from his own personal budget.

This event wasn’t big enough to drain the entire treasury of the castle, but it definitely was an expensive affair.

Lucretius felt proud as he continued to brag about the ball.

“I plan to have a unique event for the first day of the harvest celebration.”

“It’s not just the new operetta?”

“That’s right. The operetta will begin in the middle of the masquerade as a part of it.”

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“Oh my…”


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