Empress of Otherverse

Im Seo-lim, Im Seolim, Lim Seorim, VISCACHA, 임서림

Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: <Chapter 109>

The dowager empress and the chancellor stared at each other.

He looked tense, but he didn’t show it as replied smoothly, “You are correct. I see that news travel fast.”

His words were sharp.

It wasn’t just me who was shocked at this situation. Other than those who were on the dowager empress’ side, everyone else looked confused and fearful.

I stood straight and stopped my body from trembling. I bit my lips hard enough to taste my own blood. I clenched my fists and dug my nails into my own skin.

The dowager empress walked towards me and stood right in front of me.

It was her.

Dowager empress Katleyanira.

She asked laughingly, “Do you still not understand what is happening, little girl?”

I prayed my voice didn’t tremble.

“Of course not. How could I not know when it is happening right in front of me? I’m not that slow.”

The dowager empress laughed loudly and grabbed the orders from the table. She ripped them into small pieces and threw them at me grandly.

It took everything I had not to scream and attack her right then.

‘Calm down, Bina. You need to be calm, or else…”

My hands were wet with sweat.

‘It will be game over.’

I put on a smile and said to her, “I just didn’t expect you to go this far.”

The dowager empress looked disappointed.

“That was your biggest mistake. Who cares about the process or reason as long as you get the result you desire? The most important thing you can ever have is power. It is the most important thing.”

“… Well.”

I gritted my teeth and smiled.

Marquis Galisia and his rebels now owned this castle. I had assumed Marquis Galisia was outside the city leading the attack against Lucretius. However, I was clearly wrong. I also thought the dowager empress escaped the castle. Again, I was wrong.

This room was filled with the most important and influential noblemen of Cransia. With the emperor missing, whoever commanded the Senate had the power over this kingdom.

Right now, it was the dowager empress who owned all of us.

She smiled in satisfaction like a well-fed cat.


Marquis Galisia and his men started to tie ropes around the hands of the noblemen. As they sat the chancellor down on a chair by force, he glared at the dowager empress, Marquises Toruka and Galisia, and shouted.

“How dare you betray the royal family and attack the senate… Do you really think you will get away with this?!”

His voice was regal, but it was useless against this situation. The dowager empress snickered at him.

“One thing you should remember is that your threat against me is hopeless, but my order to kill you will be carried out immediately.”

“How dare you…!”

Marquis Galisia shook his head in frustration. “He will not listen.”

The dowager empress laughed quietly. “I know, but I can’t kill him. Not right now anyway.”

Marquis Galisia bowed deeply. “Of course, your highness.”

Some noblemen weren’t tied down. Instead, Galisia’s men surrounded them.

The dowager empress turned towards these men and asked, “Think carefully what you want to do next.”

None of them answered. None of them objected.

I realized these were the dowager empress’ men. They were on her side, to begin with. They smiled and walked towards the dowager empress confidently. They looked proud of the situation.

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It was sickening.


Her gaze found me again.

“I must admit you made my life miserable for a while now. You are the one who forced me to act on this plan…”

“… I am honored that you acknowledge me like that.”

I smiled brightly, which made her angry.

“Yes. I should thank you for all this. I should show my appreciation by killing you in the worst way!”

She smiled beautifully, making me shiver in fear.

She came closer to me.

“Now, give it to me.”

I knew what she was talking about. I stepped back slowly.

Lucretius gave me this royal seal, and I couldn’t let that woman have it.

I couldn’t let Lucretius down by handing this kingdom to her!

Suddenly, Marquis Galisia grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind my back.

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