Empress of Otherverse

Im Seo-lim, Im Seolim, Lim Seorim, VISCACHA, 임서림

Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: <Chapter 101>

I exchanged messages with Clodys on a regular basis through a designated book in the library. Lucretius was aware of this arrangement as well.

After the dowager empress returned to the main castle, it was Clodys who contacted me to meet in person. Inside the black leather book was a small card with a date and time.

It was past dinner time at the same place inside the dark and empty library.

As I walked into the place, I felt like I was walking into a lion’s den. I ignored the feeling.

I didn’t trust Clodys completely. I was aware of how our relationship was a precarious one at best. Therefore, just to be safe, I ordered Agnes to hide nearby with a guard in case of an emergency.

In addition, I ordered my maids to be on stand by just in case.

“If I don’t come back from the library in an hour, please come find me.”

The maids looked surprised.


My face reddened in embarrassment.

“The thing is… Last time in the library, I got lost for a while.”

Elza exclaimed loudly, “Oh! That was why you stayed there for so long. Were you really lost?”

“Y, yes.”

I was mortified, because it was partly true. I WAS lost. Luis, who was sitting nearby, glared at her sister.

“That library is so big that many first timers get lost all the time. In the olden days, there used to be librarians to help, but not anymore.”

Hmm. So that was why the library was so empty.

I asked casually, “So there isn’t anyone managing the library at all?”

“After the emperor was coronated, he reduced the unnecessary budgets significantly.”

I already knew this. The royal coffer was not doing well, so it was time to save wherever possible.

With me as the only wife of the emperor, our quarters were nearly empty. The library was the least of the priorities to Lucretius.

“The servants go in once a week to clean, and that’s it,” Luis looked at me and continued, “but if I let people know that your highness likes to visit the library often, I’m sure the servants will take better care of it. They may even reinstate a librarian or two.”

I shook my head hurriedly. “That’s not necessary. I prefer the quietness of it.”

“Then should I accompany you, your highness? I have been in the library a few times so I can be of help to you.”

I shook my head quickly. “It’s alright.”

“But your highness…”

I replied to Luis firmly, “I need to be alone in a quiet place so I can think. Please let me be for a while.”

I didn’t tell them that Agnes was following me with a guard. They all thought Agnes was away on another chore. I didn’t want my maids to think I was planning something.


Luis didn’t look happy about it, but she let it go.

I was already a bit late. I got worried I might miss him. Since we didn’t have cellphones here, arranging meetings like this could be tricky.

Finding the spot wasn’t as hard as I expected because this was the second time I had been here.

When I finally turned around the corner, I saw a familiar figure.

He was standing with his back towards me. I cleared my throat and called out.

“I’m sorry I made you wait, sir.”

Clodys turned around and bowed with a smile. “Not at all, your highness. I just arrived here myself.”

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It was a rather slight bow considering I was a royalty and he was currently a nobody, but I let it go.

Clodys looked handsome as he smiled and thanked me.

“… First of all, I would like to thank you for preventing Princess Liliana’s marriage to that old man. I should have thanked you sooner.”

“That was actually the emperor’s doing, so you should thank him.”

“But if not for you, the emperor would have never done it.”

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. So where is Princess Liliana?”

“She will be here soon. She needs to make sure not to be seen by anyone, so it probably is taking her longer.”

It made sense. Princess Liliana was surrounded by spies both from Lucretius and the dowager empress. She had to be very careful.

The princess stayed with the dowager empress at Girand, so there was a good chance I should be able to get some good information from her.

However, I didn’t know when she will arrive, and I needed to start the conversation right away.

“So what is happening with the dowager empress?”

Clodys stopped smiling at the mention of our common enemy. He studied me like the emperor and the chancellor often did. The only difference was that his stare was more youthful and immature.

“Unfortunately, what I have are just guesses based on the information I got as a minor nobleman. I have nothing firm to share.”

“I know, but I assume you’re smart enough to be able to make fairly accurate guesses.”

Clodys grinned.

“I am flattered.” He responded humbly, but he seemed pleased at my compliment. “Even though the marriage with the princess has been cancelled, Marquis Galisia is still staying close to the dowager empress. I am concerned they may be planning something dangerous.”

Just then, a noise was heard behind me. Clodys shouted with hostility.

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“Who’s there!”


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