Emperor’s Domination

Yan Bi Xiao Sheng, 厌笔萧生

Side Story 7: Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng Versus The Burial Ground

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The majestic Nine Immortals Peak towered into the sky, looking like a path meant for immortals.

Rumor has it that immortals have indeed come out of this place.

However, the most famous thing about this place wasn’t the immortals but rather its unique plum blossoms.

When the flowers bloomed, transcending mists would immerse along with a sweet and comfortable fragrance.

The night only accentuated the peak’s beauty and peacefulness, the same for the gorgeous trees.

Alas, they were bested by a visitor today - Fairy Ye.

Her delicate figure and godlike features intoxicated men and made women go crazy.

She was the fairest in the nine worlds and a brilliant genius too. She had killed Contenders before while weaponless. [1]

The world believed that she was a prime candidate for the throne. Unfortunately, Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng appeared out of nowhere and swept through his opponents.

It took one whole night and the fairy also lost. Of course, she was completely convinced of his power and eventually fell in love with this peerless man.

She had no lack of suitors due to her beauty and talents. Alas, these excellent prodigies couldn't win her grace, only the great emperor.

Her hair draping down past her shoulders fluttered as she stood beneath a plum blossom tree. It was as if she was riding the wind and people could only look up at her.

She was waiting for the emperor because he promised to enjoy the flowers with her tonight. She knew that he was a man of his words.

Sure enough, he finally arrived by riding the moon in a carefree and leisurely manner. He didn’t emit an impressive imperial aura at all.

Plus, he didn’t need these auras to be impressive. His presence made the world silent. Peace returned to the myriad realms in order to please him.

“Your Majesty.” She bowed and revealed a bright smile - one beautiful enough to sway the heart.

“Sorry for the wait.” The emperor smiled back while carefully admiring her beauty. The fairest of the nine worlds was worthy of his attention.

“I can wait however long just to enjoy the blossoms with you, Your Majesty.” She showed no sign of bashfulness and didn’t try to hide the love evident in her autumn eyes.

“The blossoms here deserve a trip.” The emperor smiled and raised his hand.

She held it and leaned her forehead on his shoulder, looking like a cute little bird. He was the only one who could see this sweet and feminine side of her.

The two of them strolled through this forest. The falling petals had a transcending presence to them. This made the peak look like a paradise for immortals. The two eventually picked a tree and sat down below to gaze at the moon.

She found leaning on his shoulder to be very enjoyable. She treasured every second she could spend with him. He turned and smiled then couldn’t help himself from gently stroking her soft hair.

“Your Majesty, you are invincible now, what other pursuits do you have?” She eventually broke the silence.

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“I’m the strongest right now but there are plenty of overlords above the nine heavens. Plus, there is no end in the search for the dao.” He smiled.

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