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Tangcu Yu, 糖醋于

Chapter 651 - Resentment Rose from Now On

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Chapter 651: Resentment Rose from Now On

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“Would you give her up?” Guo Zhenghe asked.

Wang Yao was shocked and wasn’t sure what he meant. Since he likes is he asking me to give her up? “Why?”

“I really like her,” Guo Zhenghe said.

“Hmmm…” Wang Yao smiled and shook his head and thought, What is this logic? What is this mindset? Are young men from wealthy families all like him?

After a moment, he said, “Sorry.”

Everything was silent for a long time.

“I see. Sorry to disturb you.” Guo Zhenghe stood up and turned back. At the door, he stopped. “I really appreciate that you saved my life. But, in this matter, I will never give in.”

“OK.” Wang Yao responded.

“I wish you good health,” Guo Zhenghe said.

“I will,” Wang Yao said. With no reason, he suddenly felt that the young man standing in front of him a little bit disgusting.

Outside of the clinic, Guo Zhenghe instantly looked sullen.

“Sir, you are really…” Hearing voices, he looked up and saw Zheng Weijun and Zheng Shixiong taking a walk outsides. They also saw him.

Guo Zhenghe immediately regained a sunny disposition, which he always showed no matter whom he confronted, at least on his face. Being enthusiastic and optimistic easily created a good impression on him. He smiled and nodded to them before driving off.

“Uncle, did I see him wrong?” Zheng Weijun asked.

“No. That was a really wonderful expression of a really horrible young man,” Zheng Shixiong criticized.

“I don’t suppose that his gloomy expression was because of Dr. Wang,” Zheng Weijun said.

“I hope not, or…” Zheng Shixiong squinted. “By the way, I heard that Dr. Wang has developed a new drug that is very effective for treating the diseases like thrombosis.”

These days, many people had come to the clinic to see the doctor, so they easily knew some information.

“Yeah, it is effective and comes into effect quickly,” Zheng Weijun said. “Can we do something with it to express our appreciation?”

“Do you want to buy it at a high price?” Zheng Shixiong asked.

“I am wondering what Dr. Wang would think about that,” Zheng Weijun said.

“I will find some time to chat with him,” Zheng Shixiong said.

He knew his nephew, who was amazingly clever. Although he was only in his 20s, he had achieved great attainments in business. His insight was extremely precise, especially in macro strategies.

Zheng Weijun knew human nature, which made him be admired by a man over 40 and whey he was thought highly of in the family. Zheng was a wealthy family that provided many careers for many people.

There were many men in the same generation with Zheng Weijun, but not many could undertake the family’s business. He was one of them. He would have a place in the huge Zheng’s consortium as long as his body was good.

During the night, it rained intermittently. One could easily be mesmerized listening to the rhythm of the falling rain. Rain in spring was as precious as oil. It rarely caused annoyance.

In the rain, Wang Yao was standing on the mountain. He silently felt something. He felt that the mountain under his feet vibrating. It started again.

Boom! The mountain was growing like a child.

In the medical field, the dog stood up in the kennel.

The next morning, it continued to rain without relenting. Even in such weather, there were still many people going to see doctor. The clinic was full.

“Dr. Wang,” a man over 40 coughed seriously. He had a full beard and two yellowish big incisors. “I recently cough so much and feel chest pain.”

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“How long have you had the feeling?” Wang Yao asked.

“Hmmm, almost a month,” the man said after thinking it over.

“Did you see a doctor?” Wang Yao asked.

“No,” the man said.

Wang Yao gave him a careful check after listening. The focus was at the lungs.

“Do you smoke?” Wang Yao asked.

“I have stopped smoking for two months,” the man said.

“You’d better go to a bigger hospital,” Wang Yao said.

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“What?” The man was shocked. “Why’s that?”


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