Elite Mages’ Academy

The Final Fool

Chapter 480: An Enigma

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Chapter 480: An Enigma

Close to them were various griffin corpses, and the sizes looked relatively small. They looked like griffins who had yet to fully mature. Even so, just defeating those griffins had used up a lot of their strength. They had really experienced why griffins were called the kings of the sky.

They had learned before in their classes last semester that, of the countless wild beasts on Planet Norma, only a few could call themselves rulers of the sky. Basically, other than the dragons, there were only griffins and dragon-eagles.

No one talked at that moment. Everyone was thinking about just lying down and sleeping in the middle of the wastelands. Xiao Lin was exhausted as well, but thanks to not using Ruin, he still had enough to go on. Looking at the blue skies and the wastelands, he furrowed his eyebrows.

“My God, we’re so unlucky! Surely it’s not the griffins at the transport point that flew over!”

“Then we’d need compensation!”

“Whatever! However, I already said that sneaking was not a good idea. There’s no one in sight here. Our group would would naturally become a target.”


Everyone lying down there was powerlessly complaining. Only Xiao Lin was still standing, thinking for a long time before saying, “Who here did better in classes?”

“Li Jiayi? She goes to the library a lot more.”

Xiao Lin looked at the pretty monitor. “Then do you know about the griffins’ habits? Like, do griffins usually go out at night?”

Li Jiayi was panting. She had used a lot of her mental strength, but she managed to regain her composure and force herself to speak. “We’ve never learned that in class before. Zoology is only being taught this year. However, I’ve seen some books in the library that say that Planet Norma’s flight-based animals are similar to those of Earth, and like to move during the day. Even dragons don’t like moving around at night.”

Xiao Lin’s expression darkened, looking at the others. The rest of them seemed to realize something as their expressions changed as well. Cheng Ming let out a breath, saying suspiciously, “Xiao Lin, you think that this ambush was a scheme?”

Xiao Lin said, “I might not know much about the animals on Planet Norma, but I’ve heard Department Head Song mention before that the avians on Planet Norma rarely move about at night. Even if they did, they would not move at such a scale.”

“Could the griffins have gone crazy?” Class Four’s Han Manman questioned.

“Why don’t you just say the griffins are going through menopause?” Chen Dao, who did not get along with her, mocked.

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“It’s not completely impossible for it to be something like that. After all, we don’t really know much about griffins. I think it’s more likely to be an accident. It’s not necessarily always a scheme.” Class Eight’s Zhang Shengguo was working hard to appear dignified. Unfortunately, the fatigue on his face was more serious than everyone else’s. That man was notorious for having very low stamina.

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