Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Slight Uplifting, 微扬

Chapter 1421 - I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Seven)

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Chapter 1421: I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Seven)

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Su Yue didn’t reply. She picked up the cup from the floor and said, “I’ll get you another cup.”

Although her voice was small, the stubbornness in her voice was apparent.

Ming Zhongsheng frowned as he watched her leave, filled with inexplicable anger.

It seemed like this lass wasn’t as easy to handle as he had thought.

“Grandfather, have some tea.”

Su Yue returned with a fresh cup of tea, placing it before him.

“Put it down. I don’t want to drink tea now,” Ming Zhongsheng ordered, as though he was an emperor. Then he added, “I want to have a talk with you.”

Su Yue complied and placed the cup on the coffee table. She sat down beside him, some distance apart.

Before he could say anything, she smiled and asked, “Grandfather, what do you want to talk to me about?”

Her hands got scalded earlier and she was in agonizing pain. The back of her palms were already a different shade of red.

She intertwined her fingers to relieve the pain.

Ming Zhongsheng glanced at her hands and shock flashed across his eyes. But his expression remained cold and arrogant. “Leave Ming Ansheng. The two of you can’t be together.”

Su Yue confidently smiled. “I won’t leave him. He also said that he won’t leave me.”

She believed in herself, and she believed in Uncle Ming.

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Ming Zhongsheng flashed a cold smile. “Lass, you will not relent until you fail utterly, are you?”


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