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Concubine Liang

Chapter 74 - Little Girl, Where Are You in a Rush to?

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Chapter 74: Little Girl, Where Are You in a Rush to?

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According to the address Quan Jue gave her, Chi Jiao had called a rental company and found the place he rented.

It was actually in an old residential area in an old district. The taxi reached a street filled with food stalls, and there was no way to go further in. Therefore, Chi Jiao could only get out of the car and walk.

Even though it was a winter night, the row of food stalls was still very lively. Many people had gathered at the entrance on both sides of the street. It was bustling with activity, and the smell of fireworks was very strong.

She had to pa.s.s through this street to find Quan Jue’s place.

As Chi Jiao walked unhurriedly, she failed to notice that some malicious gazes were already on her.

“Look at that girl. Do you think she’s hot?” A few young men who looked like ruffians sat in front of the hotpot stall and pointed at Chi Jiao’s back as they discussed.

“I didn’t see her face clearly, but her figure is indeed not bad.” The young man with an airplane-like hairstyle while wearing a black leather jacket looked at Chi Jiao’s back view wretchedly. He picked up the beer on the table and downed it in one go. Then, he stood up and walked towards her.

The other three youths smiled cheekily at the youth. They sat there without moving as they were already used to the youth’s actions.

Chi Jiao frowned slightly when she heard hurried footsteps behind her.

The youth in the black leather jacket took two steps at a time and walked in front of Chi Jiao.

Chi Jiao didn’t even lift her eyelids. She moved her feet to the right, and so did the person standing in front of her.

She turned left, and he followed.

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“Little girl, where are you in a rush to?” the youth asked with a grin as he sniffed the faint strawberry fragrance emitted from Chi Jiao’s body.

“Little girl, your temper sure is big.” The youth didn’t find the young girl in front of him scary. He felt that her fierce gaze now was more like an angry little kitten. “The weather is so cold. Why don’t you have a drink with me instead?”

Chi Jiao almost threw up at the stench of his mouth. She took a step back and looked at him with disdain. “How long has it been since you brushed your teeth? Didn’t your mother teach you to brush your teeth every morning and night?”

The youth in the black leather jacket was stunned for a moment before realizing that the girl in front of him was covertly scolding him for his bad breath.

“You d*mn girl! I gave you face, but you didn’t want it!” The teenager was instantly furious. He raised his hand and tried to reach for Chi Jiao’s shoulder.

He would definitely teach this girl a lesson on the evils of society!

Chi Jiao’s fingers moved slightly. Just as she was considering between giving him an acupuncture point to let him spend his next life in a wheelchair or to kick this hooligan and end his ability to have descendants, a familiar figure suddenly barged into her line of sight.

“Ah!! Someone is acting rogue! Help!” In the next moment, Chi Jiao let out a frightened cry. At the same time, she hugged her head and squatted down, avoiding the black leather-clad youth’s hand by chance.

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