Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Concubine Liang

Chapter 56 - Is He That Annoying?

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Chapter 56: Is He That Annoying?

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Quan Jue turned to look at Chi Jiao again.

Just then, he saw a tall and thin young man in a black denim jacket walk over to Chi Jiao’s table.

Lin Ye also spotted Xu Ye, and his eyes widened instantly.

“Isn’t that Little Tyrant Xu Ye?” Xu Ye was usually too high-profile in his actions. Therefore, he was famous in the entire Xing Teng Academy.

Quan Jue narrowed his dark eyes slightly and did not speak. A dark glint flashed across his eyes.

On the other side, as Chi Jiao looked at Xu Ye standing before their table, the smile on her face disappeared quickly.

“Xu Ye, what do you want?” Dang Nan thought that Xu Ye was looking for trouble. She immediately stood up and looked at him cautiously.

Yi Lanlan and Bai Weiyu were more timid. They were usually afraid of problematic youths like Xu Ye, but they didn’t forget to stand up to protect Chi Jiao this time.

Xu Ye stared fixedly at Chi Jiao.

She had been smiling so happily earlier, but she stopped smiling the moment she saw him.

Was he that annoying?

“Have you thought about what I told you last time?” Xu Ye looked at Chi Jiao as he asked this, and a blush crept up his ears.

Seeing Xu Ye’s gentle att.i.tude towards Chi Jiao, Dang Nan, Yi Lanlan, and Bai Weiyu were stunned.

What was going on?

Most of the gazes in the dessert shop were focused on Chi Jiao and Xu Ye.

Someone with sharp eyes noticed that Little Tyrant Xu Ye was blus.h.i.+ng!

It was truly rare to see such things in life!

“What did you tell me?” Chi Jiao asked indifferently, abiding by her polite principles.

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Xu Ye felt even more embarra.s.sed by her question.

Why did she feel that Jiaojiao’s aura was stronger than Xu Ye’s?

In the other restaurant, Lin Ye smiled as he witnessed the scene, seemingly enjoying the show. “Has the Little Tyrant also taken a liking to your junior?” he asked Quan Jue.

Just as he said that, Quan Jue stood up.

Lin Ye looked at him. “Are you going to find the junior?”

“I’m heading back to school,” Quan Jue said coldly before walking out of the restaurant.

Lin Ye looked at his back view in a daze for a moment before chuckling helplessly. He then hurriedly got up to chase after him.

Quan Jue had just walked out of the restaurant when Chi Jiao’s gaze coincidentally landed on the street and she saw him.

“Nan Nan, Xiao Lan, Weiyu, I’ll leave first,” Chi Jiao said hurriedly to the other three girls before quickly standing up. She pushed Xu Ye aside and strode out of the dessert shop.

Xu Ye had also spotted Quan Jue earlier.

Seeing how anxious Chi Jiao was, how could he not know that she was anxious to find Quan Jue?

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