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Chapter 457 - I'll Pay a Visit to Your Adoptive Father Soon

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Chapter 457: I’ll Pay a Visit to Your Adoptive Father Soon

Lu Xian moved into the Xu family. She was a distant relative.

Quan Jue was visiting Lu Xian today to sort out and deliver the things she had left behind before the accident.

This was Lu Xian’s request.

There was a rather heavy box amongst her belongings.

The box that Quan Jue had previously viewed as one of the things left behind by Lu Xian was a very ancient sandalwood box. It was locked, and he had never opened it before.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to open it, but he had tried many methods and none of them had worked.

If he tried to force it apart, he would definitely end up destroying the box.

Therefore, Quan Jue didn’t force it.

He didn’t want to enter the Xu Residence, so he met Lu Xian at an intersection near the place.

Quan Jue stuffed the other miscellaneous items into a suitcase and then handed it to Lu Xian.

Lu Xian took it, and her arm was instantly dragged down.

She clearly didn’t expect that this wooden box, which looked like a makeup case, would actually be so heavy.

“What’s in here? Why is it so heavy?” Lu Xian asked.

“I have never opened it.”

“Alright. Xiao Jue, are you sure you don’t want to move back to stay with Mommy?” Lu Xian stared at him with her gentle almond-shaped eyes.

Ever since she found out that she was Quan Jue’s mother, she had eased into that role very naturally. She didn’t feel that her status as a mother was at all contrary to her current age.

“Not interested,” Quan Jue replied straightforwardly.

While they were talking, a black Mercedes stopped across the road.

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The man in the back seat rolled down the window and looked across the road at them.

He didn’t want to disturb her good mood.

Lu Xian didn’t notice that someone was observing her every move. She looked tentatively at Quan Jue and said reluctantly, “Your uncle wants you to come back and stay…”

Noticing Quan Jue’s impatient frown, she quickly changed the subject. “It’s fine if you don’t want to come back. You must have gotten used to being in the Chi family after all these years. I’ll pay a visit to your adoptive father soon and thank him personally.”

Gotten used to?

Quan Jue smiled.

He was used to having someone waiting for him at home.

“Up to you. Is there anything else? If not, I’m going back,” Quan Jue said nonchalantly.

“Your uncle still wants to have a meal with you. Do you have time?” Lu Xian asked carefully.

After interacting with Quan Jue for a few days, she could feel that this son of hers had a complex and surly personality.

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