Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Concubine Liang

Chapter 353 - Jiaojiao Is Still Sleeping

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Chapter 353: Jiaojiao Is Still Sleeping

Chi Jiao reached out and gently touched the bruise at the corner of his eye.

“It really doesn’t hurt anymore,” Quan Jue repeated. He grabbed her hand and kissed it gently.

Chi Jiao sighed and said, “Don’t hide things from me in the future. I’ll be even more worried.”

Quan Jue nodded.

At that moment, he did not realize that the image of him squatting in front of Chi Jiao was like a loyal dog.

“Tell me, why were you there earlier?” Quan Jue asked.

Chi Jiao didn’t intend to hide it from him, either.

She told him about her suspicion that Quan Jue’s mother was actually still alive and the results of her investigation.

After listening to her, Quan Jue was silent for a moment before smiling and reaching out to caress her head.

“Young lady, you’re quite capable.”

She could even find out about this.

Indeed, his girl was not an ordinary person.

Chi Jiao’s face turned red as she looked at him. “Brother Quan, what do you plan to do now?”

Just now, on the opposite side of the road from Happiness District, she had also seen Lu Xian and that man.

She felt that that scene would have a huge impact on Quan Jue.

“She has already forgotten about me,” Quan Jue said indifferently. “So forget it.”

His words were simple.

However, Chi Jiao could guess how strong his heart had to be to say such words so easily.

No one was born with such a strong heart.

He had experienced too much disappointment and sadness that his heart had been tempered repeatedly into steel.

Chi Jiao didn’t say much. Instead, she opened her arms to him. “Hug.”

Only then did Quan Jue stand up and hug her.

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“Brother Quan, I’ll bring you to a place in two days.” Chi Jiao felt that she should slowly tell him everything about herself.

Seeing that she had not returned even after the sky had turned dark, he couldn’t help but give her a call.

In the end, the one who picked up the call was Quan Jue.

“Why is it you? Where’s Jiaojiao?” Chi Mingwei immediately became alarmed and questioned him.

Quan Jue looked at the young girl sleeping soundly on the bed and lowered his voice to say indifferently, “Jiaojiao is still sleeping.”

Chi Mingwei jumped up from the chair when he heard this. “Where are you guys right now?!”

“When Jiaojiao wakes up, she’ll contact you. Don’t worry, I didn’t bully her.” It was rare for Quan Jue to be so patient with Chi Mingwei, and his tone was no longer as cold as before.

Chi Mingwei’s heart returned to his stomach when he heard Quan Jue deliberately emphasizing the word “bully”. He snorted coldly and said, “I doubt you’d dare to, either.”

After he said that, Chi Jiao’s voice was heard from the other end of the line.

“Brother Quan, carry me to the washroom~”

The girl’s sleepy voice sounded as lazy as a cat.

Chi Mingwei’s mind exploded at that.

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