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Concubine Liang

Chapter 351 - Honey, What Are You Looking At?

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Chapter 351: Honey, What Are You Looking At?

“Thank you, Hubby. You’re the best.” Lu Xian couldn’t stop smiling.

“You only know how to sweet-talk me. Hurry up and eat the medicine.” Ye Yichen caressed her face.

The loving scene between the two of them was witnessed by Quan Jue.

Quan Jue’s eyes were clouded. When Lu Xian turned her gaze toward him, he looked away in time and did not meet her eyes.

“Honey, what are you looking at?” Ye Yichen asked.

“It’s nothing,” Luxian said softly, drawing her gaze back to him.

Was it her imagination? Why did she feel like that young man had been staring at her and her husband?

Ye Yichen turned to look at the resting area before his gaze landed on Quan Jue, who was sitting by the window.

He only glanced at him once before looking away.

“You were peeking at handsome guys earlier,” Ye Yichen said to her with a deliberately stern expression.

“I wasn’t!” Lu Xian hurriedly denied.

“Stop pretending. I saw it all.” Ye Yichen looked aggrieved.

With that, he brought his face close to Lu Xian’s and reached out to gently tap his own cheek.

By doing this, he was asking Lu Xian to kiss him.

If it was before, Lu Xian would have definitely kissed him.

But now, because of Quan Jue’s presence, she felt resistant.

“There’s a customer over there. I’ll do it when we get home, okay?” Lu Xian whispered.

A cold glint flashed across Ye Yichen’s eyes before it disappeared.

On the surface, he continued to smile at her. “Alright.”

After that, they chatted for a while longer before the girl who was taking over the s.h.i.+ft arrived.

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From the corner of his eye, Quan Jue saw Lu Xian and Ye Yichen leaving the convenience store. He stood up and walked out as well.

But in the next second, she seemed to have seen the injuries on his face. She suddenly lowered her hand, and the smile on her face disappeared.

“F*ck.” Quan Jue couldn’t help but curse softly before walking briskly across the road.

Chi Jiao stood in place and watched as he walked towards her.

The closer he got, the clearer she could see his injuries.

There were obvious injuries at the corners of his eyes and the corners of his lips. Although it did not ruin the beauty of his handsome face, it was heartbreaking to look at.

Chi Jiao’s heart ached so much that it almost broke.

She knew that something must have happened for him to not meet her one more time before rus.h.i.+ng to Shang Jing.

She didn’t expect him to be injured.

Quan Jue ran straight to Chi Jiao.

“Liar!” Chi Jiao glared at him, trying her best to look fierce, but her trembling tone and red eyes betrayed her true emotions.

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