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Concubine Liang

Chapter 345 - Brother Quan Is Not That Kind of Person

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Chapter 345: Brother Quan Is Not That Kind of Person

“That’s right, Brother Ying. Do you have some left on your side? I have to replenish my stock.” Ruan Xuan placed the cigarette in his mouth and took a familiar puff.

“Yes, there is. This time, it’s even more intense. I guarantee that the girl you like will listen to you obediently.”

When Ruan Xuan heard that, his eyes lit up. He said impatiently, “Alright, I’ll go find you right now.”

After hanging up, Ruan Xuan looked excited. He jumped down from the bay window and strode out the door.

Chi Jiao was about to go back to her room to sleep after returning home when she heard Chi Mingwei ask, “Jiaojiao, where’s Quan Jue?”

She turned to look at him. She didn’t believe that her father would take the initiative to show concern about Quan Jue.

“Brother Quan said that he has something on and will be leaving White City for two days. What’s wrong?” Chi Jiao asked with a smile.

Chi Mingwei turned his gaze elsewhere uneasily. “Nothing. I just feel that since that lad has moved back here, I have to watch over him. I don’t want him to learn from his bad friends outside and bully you when the time comes.”

Whatever it was, he wouldn’t admit that he cared about Quan Jue.

“Brother Quan is not that kind of person,” Chi Jiao protested seriously.

“Okay, okay. Your Brother Quan is the best.” Chi Mingwei looked at her helplessly. “Daddy has something else to prepare you for.”

“Okay, Daddy. Please say it.” Chi Jiao immediately looked ready to listen.

Chi Mingwei was amused by her wacky demeanor. He reached out to touch the top of her head. “Daddy can tell that you’re quite happy at your grandmother’s place today. I shouldn’t have told you this, but I’m still worried, so I have to tell you. That child, Ruan Xuan, is not a good kid. Stay away from him, okay?”

According to what he knew, Ruan Xuan had just been released from the juvenile detention center. The crime he committed was the molestation of women by force.

He heard that it was an underaged girl, and he had ruined her entire life because of it.

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However, after leaving the juvenile detention center, Ruan Xuan still did not repent. He hung out in bars and entertainment venues every day, racing with a group of bad friends, and getting into fights.

However, the response she got was the mechanized voice of the customer service lady.

“Could he be on the plane?” Chi Jiao frowned.

She tried calling again, but the other end of the line gave the same response. Disappointment flashed across Chi Jiao’s eyes. Then, she threw her phone on the bed, slowly took off her clothes, and walked towards the bathroom.

The night deepened.

Under the streetlamp outside the villa, a young man stood by the lamp post. He was wearing a baseball cap and a black mask, revealing only a pair of bruised eyes.

He stared straight at the window on the second floor of the villa not far away. Only when the lights were switched off did he turn around and leave.

The next day, in Shang Jing.

Early in the morning, the first flight from White City to Shang Jing finally landed after more than two hours of flight.

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