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Concubine Liang

Chapter 289 - We Still Have to Listen to Her

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Chapter 289: We Still Have to Listen to Her

Yan Zhengchen raised his dark brows. “It’s not the first time Auntie has asked me to take care of you. I can’t let her expectations down.”

Gong Lu couldn’t out-talk him, so he continued the topic from before. “Grandpa and Grandma are already old now. We have to discuss this with Jiaojiao and see how we should deal with it.”

“It’s actually simple.” With a cigarette in his mouth, Yan Zhengchen looked less cold and serious than usual, appearing more frivolous. “Send more bodyguards to guard the residence and don’t let 117’s people in to disturb Grandpa and Grandma. The 117’s people aren’t bandits. If the bodyguards don’t let them in, they wouldn’t dare to barge into the residence.”

“Grandpa and Grandma will never agree to that,” Gong Lu said with certainty.

He knew their grandparents’ temper too well.

Although the two elders were old, their style remained unchanged.

Their love for their country was already ingrained in their bones, and they regarded protecting the country’s safety as their paramount sacred duty.

If it wasn’t for that love, they wouldn’t have eliminated all the difficulties and established 117 by themselves.

“Then, we can only wait for Jiaojiao to return and discuss it properly. She’s the successor chosen by our grandparents, so we still have to listen to her.” When Yan Zhengchen mentioned Chi Jiao, a look of doting flashed across his eyes.

Actually, even he didn’t expect himself to become the subordinate of a cute little girl one day.

However, he was willing to do so.

It was just an ident.i.ty. It didn’t matter if he was her brother or her subordinate.

Speak of the devil.

Just as Yan Zhengchen said that he and Gong Lu saw Chi Jiao and Quan Jue walking side by side, entering through the round-arched door of the backyard.

Gong Lu stood up, and a gentle smile appeared on his lips. He looked at them and asked, “Why are only the two of you back? Where are Shen Liao and Gu Xia?”

“Something happened,” Chi Jiao said softly.

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Hearing that, Yan Zhengchen stood up as well and asked in a low voice, “What happened?”

Moreover, Gu Xia’s power was special. He could use his voice and eyes to bewitch someone’s mind and make them obey his orders obediently.

Unlike ocular abilities, Gu Xia’s abilities were more domineering and direct. However, they had side effects.

When encountering someone with powerful mental strength, his own mental strength would also be damaged.

Therefore, Gu Xia was even more lazy to use this special ability.

Yan Zhengchen, on the other hand, looked at Quan Jue with a sharp, scrutinizing gaze.

This young man should have seen Gu Xia use his skill.

They were all Espers who had not been registered under Organization 117.

In that case…

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