Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Concubine Liang

Chapter 227 - Sister Will Bring the Angel to See You Tomorrow

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Chapter 227: Sister Will Bring the Angel to See You Tomorrow

Xu Lingling fell to the ground, her eyes rolling violently. She twitched crazily as if she was electrocuted.

Soon, she stopped convulsing. Her blood-stained lips suddenly curled into a sinister smile.

Slowly sitting up, Xu Lingling’s eyes were filled with black mist as she muttered, “Dumb woman, I originally wanted to settle this with you. But since you’ve exposed my ident.i.ty, I can only borrow your body.”

Xu Lingling, who was now controlled by Zou Xingxing, stood up. She twisted her neck a little, and her eyes returned to normal.

Zou Xingxing walked to the roadside and picked up her phone that was still on the call with Xu Ye.

Xu Ye’s anxious voice was still heard over the phone. Zou Xingxing said softly, “It’s alright, Brother.”

“Eh? You’re alright?” Xu Ye’s tone turned strange instantly. “Lingling, what on earth happened? Where are you? I’ll go get you.”

“There’s no need, Brother. I was just joking with you earlier,” Zou Xingxing said as she raised her hand, placing her finger in her mouth to bite her nails. “I’ll go to the hospital to visit you tomorrow. You should rest early.”

Her tone was very calm and she sounded very normal.

Although Xu Ye still had doubts in his heart, he couldn’t detect anything wrong from Zou Xingxing’s pretentious tone.

Without waiting for him to speak, Zou Xingxing hung up the call.

Looking up at the night sky, Zou Xingxing smiled charmingly. “What should come will come. Everything is going to end. Hahahaha…”

After standing there in a daze for a while, Zou Xingxing took out Xu Lingling’s phone and dialed a number that she knew by heart.

Very quickly, someone picked up the call.

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“Chi Jiao, this is Xu Lingling.” Zou Xingxing tried her best to imitate Xu Lingling’s arrogant tone.

Inside the warehouse, Zou Ye stopped crying when he saw her enter.

“S-sis?” Zou Ye called out tentatively.

He knew that his sister had superpowers and could transform into another person.

Zou Xingxing had occupied Xu Lingling’s body, but her demeanor and temperament were different from hers. That was why he could recognize that it was his older sister and not Xu Lingling.

Zou Xingxing walked over and looked down at him. “Xiao Ye, if I don’t return by tomorrow morning, then you’ll have to ask our neighbor, Auntie Liu, to help you buy a train ticket. Go home and find our grandparents, okay?”

Zou Ye reached out and grabbed her clothes as he looked at her nervously. “Sister, where are you going? Don’t abandon Little Ye. Wu wu wu wu…”

Zou Xingxing looked at the sobbing Zou Ye, but the corners of her lips curled into a mysterious smile. “Don’t cry, Xiao Ye. I’m going to find the angel. If everything goes well, I will bring the angel to see you tomorrow. Then, we’ll bring the angel back to our hometown. If I don’t return, just do as I say.”

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