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Concubine Liang

Chapter 207 - Quan Jue Doesn't Want Him to Have an Easy Time

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Chapter 207: Quan Jue Doesn’t Want Him to Have an Easy Time

Chi Jiao looked up at Xu Ye.

Yi Lanlan and Dang Nan also turned to look at him.

Xu Ye recalled what he needed to do later, and his face turned a little red. However, he looked at Chi Jiao with a firm and burning gaze. “Jiaojiao, I have something to tell you. Can you come out with me for a while?”

The surprise he had prepared for Chi Jiao was in the gla.s.s greenhouse in their backyard.

“If you have something to say, you can just say it here.” Chi Jiao felt that there was nothing that would require her to discuss with Xu Ye alone.

She wasn’t a fool. Xu Ye’s feelings for her were very obvious. She couldn’t give him any chance to fantasize.

Apart from their friends.h.i.+p as cla.s.smates, she had to keep things clear with him.

“This is not the place to talk.” Xu Ye looked at her deeply. “There’s a beautiful gla.s.s greenhouse in my backyard. Let’s talk there instead?”

“I don’t want to.” Chi Jiao refused directly.

Xu Ye was silent.

Given his explosive temper, he would have carried her over his shoulder and taken her away.

But he didn’t dare to.

d.a.m.n it. To think there would actually come a time when he was actually afraid of someone.

“Why don’t you guys talk here?” Yi Lanlan stood up and said to Chi Jiao. She felt that it was awkward for her and Dang Nan to be here.

Dang Nan was a tactful person as well. She stood up with Yi Lanlan and said to Chi Jiao, “Jiaojiao, we’ll go get some fruits for you.”

Then, she left with Yi Lanlan.

Only Chi Jiao and Xu Ye were left in front of the fireplace.

Xu Ye sat down opposite her.

Quan Jue, who had been staring at them, walked towards them.

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“Jiaojiao, I must make things clear with you today.” Xu Ye reached for Chi Jiao’s wrist when he saw her preparing to stand up and leave.

No way.

If he had known that things would turn out like this, he wouldn’t have thrown her bag down the floor back then!

“There are strawberry cakes on the dessert counter over there. Shall I bring you there?” Quan Jue reached out to touch her head and asked softly.

Chi Jiao nodded.

The two of them walked away and left Xu Ye alone by the fireplace.

Xu Ye stared at Quan Jue’s back, wis.h.i.+ng he could bore a hole through him.

—Sure, since Quan Jue didn’t want him to have an easy time, don’t blame him for using his trump card!

With that thought in mind, Xu Ye stood up from the ground and walked towards the staircase.

At the washroom on the first floor, a pair of eyes followed him upstairs.

Zou Xingxing stood at the entrance of the washroom. She lowered her head and adjusted her as a sly smile flashed across her lips.

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