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Concubine Liang

Chapter 171 - It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Want to Be Responsible

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Chapter 171: It Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Want to Be Responsible

Chi Jiao sat up, lifted the blanket, and got off the bed.

Quan Jue watched as she ran over. Before he could say anything, Chi Jiao squeezed onto the sofa and hugged him like a koala bear.

“I’m so tired. I’m going to bed.” Not giving him a chance to refuse, she closed her eyes.

Quan Jue’s body stiffened.

He reached adulthood this year. With someone like Lin Ye who liked to make dirty jokes around him, he knew a little about matters between men and women.

The heat in his body made his throat feel dry, but he didn’t dare to move.

Quan Jue just lay there unmoving. After an unknown period of time, he finally closed his eyes due to extreme exhaustion.

The next day.

Quan Jue opened his eyes punctually at 6:00 AM.

His biological clock had always been like this. No matter how late he slept, he would wake up at this time the next day.

Sensing someone in his arms, he looked down at the girl lying in his embrace.

His eyes softened instantly. He lowered his head and gently kissed her forehead.

Chi Jiao’s body s.h.i.+vered slightly before she opened her eyes. “Morning, Brother Quan.”

“I should go,” Quan Jue whispered.

It was better for him to leave now while the rest of the house was still sleeping.

Otherwise, if he was discovered, it would ruin Jiaojiao’s reputation.

“Brother Quan, do you still remember what happened last night?” Chi Jiao looked up at him and asked expectantly.

Yesterday night, he had said that he wanted to be her boyfriend.

She wanted to see if he remembered or were just drunken words.

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If he was drunk, he would have forgotten by now.

He wanted to prevent her from saying anything that would make him angry.

Immediately after, she felt the weight of his body…

Quan Jue let go of Chi Jiao and moved his thin lips to her ear. He said softly, “What I said yesterday weren’t drunken words. You’d better remember them. I’ll wait for you for another two years.”

He wouldn’t hide his feelings. If he liked her, so be it. Two years later, he would make her his and bind her tightly to him.

These two years were enough for him to do many things, such as fighting for a good future for her.

Chi Jiao nodded with a blus.h.i.+ng face.

Quan Jue calmed his breathing and controlled the restlessness in his body before getting off the sofa.

“I’m leaving. You should sleep a little more,” Quan Jue said.

Chi Jiao blew him a kiss. “Be careful on the way home, Brother Quan.”

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