Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Concubine Liang

Chapter 170 - Boyfriend

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Chapter 170: Boyfriend

It was different from the previous accidental kiss.

Quan Jue’s enthusiasm almost melted Chi Jiao.

As their lips intertwined, her sovereignty was completely occupied by Quan Jue. She could only respond clumsily to him.

The sweetness of her mouth gave Quan Jue the urge to never let go of her this lifetime.

He wished he could carve all her goodness into his soul and hide it so that only he could taste it.

Only when Chi Jiao was beginning to suffocate did Quan Jue let go of her.

“Who wants to be your brother?” Quan Jue looked down at her, his slender fingers gently caressing her even more delicate and alluring cherry lips. “I don’t want a sister, do you understand?”

Chi Jiao was stunned.

Was Quan Jue drunk?

Wasn’t he too cute?!

“If you don’t want to be my brother, what do you want to be?” Chi Jiao asked, raising the corners of her lips.

Quan Jue pinched her pink cheeks. “Boyfriend.”

If she had known he would be so frank after drinking, she would have thought of a way to get him drunk a long time ago.

Chi Jiao couldn’t suppress the smile on her lips. “Alright, then you can be my boyfriend.”

Quan Jue chuckled and flicked her head with his finger. “How old are you? And yet you already want to date? No way.”

Chi Jiao was confused.

Then, why did he kiss her just now?

“But I’ll wait for you to grow up.” Immediately after, Chi Jiao heard his determined voice again, as if he was swearing an oath. “I’ll definitely wait for you to grow up. By then, even if you want to run away from me, you won’t be able to.”

“I don’t plan to run.” Chi Jiao stared straight at him. “I will never run away from you in this lifetime.”

She wouldn’t leave him alone again.

She didn’t want him to go crazy and die for her again.

They had to stay alive. They had to live well together until they were old and toothless.

She had returned to this world to hold on to him tight.

A rare, gentle smile appeared on Quan Jue’s handsome face. He raised his hand and gently rubbed her head. “Good girl.”

Chi Jiao felt that Quan Jue was probably quite drunk.

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Hence, when he said he was leaving, she hugged his arm.

Quan Jue smiled faintly.

She actually thought he was drunk?

Actually, he wasn’t.

He had only borrowed the excitement and drive brought about by the alcohol to find her, say what was on his mind, and do what he wanted to do.

It could be considered that he was borrowing the excuse of alcohol to act like a drunkard.

But he knew very well what he was doing.

However, after seeing Chi Jiao’s expression, Quan Jue agreed to stay.

But he requested to sleep on the sofa.

Her bedroom had a sofa, one that could be unfolded into a single bed.

A moment later.

Quan Jue lay on the sofa with a blanket covering his body.

“Brother Quan, are you asleep?” Chi Jiao lay on her bed and looked at the sofa not far away.

“No,” Quan Jue answered.

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